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  1. princessminn

    WTS Baby Jogger City Select Double/Tandem/Front and back Stroller Black

    Selling off my baby jogger city select pram with double seats in black. Come with one extra front bar,rain cover. There is a torn in the basket. Selling off at $700(price nego for sincere buyer) Self collection Only. PM if keen.
  2. princessminn

    Single Pram or Double/Twin Pram?

    Im just wondering is there a need for a double/twin pram or a single pram with standing board behind when my no2 is born next yr.By e time no2 is born,DS is already almost 3.I know it might be too early to explore into tis question,but i dun wan to be unprepared!>.< Im a mummy that doesnt...
  3. princessminn

    MummySG Night and DAY OWLS CLUB - JULY 2009

    bo lang aro!!!! haaaa....
  4. princessminn

    How to get BM flowing?

    I juz gif birth to my DS few days bk. I din latch him on day one as i was too exhausted from labour. Wanted to do so after tt. Being a veri impatience bb,he rarely latch on. And i realise,my BM doesnt seems to flow. Nurse told mi tt i gt BM. Anyone can advice on how to get e BM flow other than...