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    Christmas 2015

    Anyone has any idea what would be the best christmas gift this yeaR??
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    Hello Kitty takes over your house

    Many hello kitty household appliances in stores. Perfect for the Christmas gift season. My sisters are going mad with excitement. They are perfect for hello kitty lovers and me :001_302:
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    Baker's Discussion!

    Hey mummies, any of you heard of Cornell Stand Mixer? I saw it online and it looks rather promising :001_302:
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    Cornell Warehouse Sale

    Visit the Cornell Warehouse Sale and enjoy up to 90% off retail prices! Expect prices to start from as low as $5 onwards. A wide array of products such as baby belling oven, microwaves, Hello Kitty Fan, water heaters, air-coolers, irons, electric kettles, blenders, electric ovens, rice cookers...
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    Turbo Italia

    Here is something interesting to share with all mummies thinking of getting new stuff for your kitchen. Turbo turns 40 years old this June! TURBO’s 40th anniversary promotion Buy TURBO Italia products (S$240 and above in a single receipt) and purchase a Joyoung Multifunction Soymilk Maker...
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    Lee Kum Kee

    Lee Kum Kee is a favourite home brand for my family. We heard that they are organising a competition for home cooks and we thought to head down to to witness the Grand Finals. 10 teams of home cooks will battle it out to be the ultimate champion of home cooking. What a heart warming family...
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    Looking for an oven

    Saw this super tempting promotion for Baby Belling oven for this Hari Raya Period. After a two-year hiatus, the manufacturers decided to resume production of the Baby Belling ovens. Fans were ecstatic when the ovens made a resurgence in Singapore at the end of last year. The ovens now boast...
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    Happy Dumpling Day!

    This Dragon Boat Festival, why not put on your toque and treat your family to homemade glutinous rice dumplings? Many homemakers shy away from doing so due to the long preparation time. With TURBO’s range of hobs, now you can easily make bunches of rice dumplings in less than the usual time it...
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    The Laughing Cow Promotion

    Dear mummies, laughing cow cheese is on promotion now. Buy 2 for only $6.45! Promotion starts this March! Available in the original, strawberry, ham, Selection (herbs, mushroom and paprika) and light flavours. During this school holidays, bring your child to the following outlets to meet the...
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    Finally! A cure for melasma!

    Hello mummies. There is a new technology in town! Lumenis IPL treatment can help remove and lighten melasma and old age spots. Read this in maybeline's blog on te launch. With love,: Changing the face of Aesthetic solutions
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    joyoung soy milk maker

    hi everyone. i just need some recommendation on this. i was at courts when I saw this joyoung soy milk maker then I saw it again in best denki. its quite interesting the machine can be used to make different types of recipes that can serve everyone in the family, from 6 month old to 100 years...