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  1. fioncess

    Keep the baby or abort the baby???

    wow decipher, u r really a great dad!! im sure ur boi will b v close to u... when hes older you both can do "guys stuff" together.. bball, soccer...
  2. fioncess

    6-8 wet diapers per day?

    NOw v diffcult to check how many times he pee cos wearing diapers ma... for me... 9am shower change new diaper.. but 12 or 1pm then diaper will b heavy so i'll change... then at 4-5pm his diaper will be heavy again... then shower at 7pm n change again... the next change will be before i go to...
  3. fioncess

    Stroller recommended for baby 1 mth old??

    Combi really v value for $$ i used it for my older daugther now 22 mth.. now i using it for my 1mth old bb boy... ya can put lying dwn position... but i find the material abit hot...
  4. fioncess

    Baby lotion

    my NB also peeling.. dun wry its ok.. i apply lotion for him twice a day.. i use avent lotion...
  5. fioncess

    Stroller recommended for baby 1 mth old??

    hmmm the model before mircle turn... $300+
  6. fioncess

    Did Yr newborn sleep on pillow, towel or nothing??

    my bb slp on napkin.. cos he will have milk reflux while he slp sometimes...
  7. fioncess

    Stroller recommended for baby 1 mth old??

    i also bought combi.. i find most important need to buy a pram tt the weight you can handle n able to close/open using 1 hand.. cos when u r alone 1 hand need to carry bb if u cant close/open the pram using 1 hand then how???
  8. fioncess

    At what age did your child start walking?

    Andrea starting walking ard holding on to furniture at 1yo. at 14mth she can walk w/o support liao... but all kids are diff...
  9. fioncess

    How to get rid of rice weevils?

    my grandma put charcol... but i dunno it works annot...
  10. fioncess

    hospitalization health plan for 2mth baby

    i agree partially with banner.. im a insurance agent.. but 1st thing i get for my daugther is a hospitalisation plan with full coverage.. cos you nv know wat will happen.. like my daughter she gt UTI and has to be hospitalise when shes 6mth old. with the coverage her medical bills are fully...
  11. fioncess

    Ok to carry 12kg toddler while pregnant

    i guess its ur own body tt u can guage.. for mi i was preggy when my daugther turn 1... i carry her till i give birth... but i try not to if i can.. if u feel tired then dun force yourself...
  12. fioncess

    when can baby flip?

    mine flip at early 3rd mth...
  13. fioncess

    Confinement Tingkat Lunch & dinner

    i think confinement food price are ard there.. coif we cook ourselves buying the herbs also ex... but 1st confinement my mil also spend abt $1k on herbs alone...
  14. fioncess

    How warm should FM be?

    ya i agree with Ting... jus test the water n ur gut feel will let u know if its ok... for mi n hub diff is the milk i make is hotter.. i feel hub make the milk abit too "cold"... but as long as can dissolve the milk powder n warm then shld b fine...
  15. fioncess

    When did u stop sterilizing?

    my dd now 18mth i also still sterilise... it become a habit alr... heee...
  16. fioncess

    Washable Nursing Pads

    I also use Avent washable pad initially but i dun like it.. so in the end i use pigeon disposible pad all the way... After avent washable pad i dint try another other brand.
  17. fioncess

    How to sterilize milk bottles when overseas ?

    i'll use hot water to sterilize. cos i dun feel comfortable using the tablet as i feel it gt a v strong blench smell...
  18. fioncess

    Car Insurance Premium

    Once you claim your ins your premium will go up... cos there will be a decrease in NCD or no more NCD at all..
  19. fioncess

    Is it normal for 3mths old baby to still feed at 2hrly intervals? Even at nite??

    it depend on individual baby. My girl used to feed at 1.5-2hr interval too.. She also didnt slp thru the night till she's abt 6mth. small chest doesnt mean little storage of milk. AS long as ur baby is gaining weight n happy there's nothing to worry abt...
  20. fioncess

    Baby full month

    for mi i'll go but i'll will not carry the baby.. cos some ppl pantang say preggy women carry newborn baby then at night the baby cannot slp well keep crying.... but i dun pantang still i dun carry. cos we dunno whether the other party or their parents pantang annot..