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    Home based sales job

    Pls email me at Tks
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    Freelance Sales Position

    Can send me more detail?
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    anyone hv bad experience with home tutor?

    Hi, anyone? Friend found out that his tutor actually just leave his DD doing homework AGAIN during lesson while the tutor busy doing personally stuff.
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    Hi stonston, sry do u know any tutor that teach P4 student in Sengkang? For all 4 subjects. Son...

    Hi stonston, sry do u know any tutor that teach P4 student in Sengkang? For all 4 subjects. Son is slow in maths n really poor in Chinese. I am feelings sad with my current tutor, do u know anyone? Tks
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    Few posts still not up in selling.

    Hi, I have a few selling posts that have not been show on the selling section. May I know normally take how long to post? Already quite some times. Thank you
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    can't see my post in selling.

    still no reply? or i miss the reply????
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    can't see my post in selling.

    Hi, I cant see my post that was sent yesterday in the selling section. Is there any problem with the post? tks
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    Looking for Babysitter at Punggol

    at sengkang, can? You may call 98338665. Rivervale crescent blk 158A.
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    babysitter at Sengkang, Rivervale Crescent.

    Hi, i'm writing behalf of my neighbour. she wanted to be a babysitter for weekday. Chinese lady, able to speak chinese and malay. For more detail kindly contact her at: 98338665 tks
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    Do you give your baby icecream at 17th mth old?

    it's not a MUST!!!! but my gal eat amost everthing. everything to her is a new try when she see us eating. Will let her tried BUT not finish up the whole thing. Too much sugar is not good for children esp she is still so young. Grand parent are like that. my MUM also!! LOL
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    Anyone been to Korea for plastic surgery?

    Hi earlene29, hw's yr surgery?
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    Wat u put on for make up??

    hi, i also hv problem sticking lashes. for beginner which brand is better ha? saw many kinds of lashes dun know which one to choose!!!
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    Hiring stay home mums who can sew

    Hi pls email me also.
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    Baby Carrier - Which is better?

    i use a boba carrier. love it, my gal love it also. Will carry her on my back when doing housework, and carry infront facing me when going out.
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    Worries my spous be having an affair

    sry what does that sentence mean?