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    enzyme cleaners?

    Don't know where to put this under. :p Where can I get enzyme cleaners in singapore? TIA!
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    recommendations for ceiling fan repair?

    Hi mummies, Any recommendations for ceiling fan repair? Mine is a white elephant and I only use the lights function cos the whole thing shakes so much when I turn the fan on. The warranty was extremely useless! I called the original company, they came down 5 times in 5 months and each time...
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    breastfeeding on demand

    interesting articles. Examining the Evidence... LLLI | Cue feeding: Wisdom and science more reasons to feed bbs on demand, especially for newborns: bbs get more of the hindmilk, which keeps them full longer and contains the fats they need to develop, when they suck as long as they want on...
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    ikea recalls high chair

    IKEA recalls LEOPARD Children’s High ChairIKEA wants customers who have a LEOPARD children’s high chair to stop using the high chair immediately and bring the seat and frame back to the Exchange & Returns Counter in IKEA Alexandra (Level 1) or IKEA Tampines (Level 3) where they will receive a...
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    junk mail in condos

    Hi mummies and daddies, am curious as to how junk mail find their way into condos? Via the postman? Or the security guard?
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    goon diapers in new packaging

    anyone using the goon diapers in new packaging? bought mine from cold storage and realised that the urine indicators are totally useless cos they don't disappear like they are supposed to when the diapers are wet. so now, have to go back to using the grab the crotch method. :p are the...
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    how much for a gas cylinder regulator?

    hi mummies, i'm still using those gas cylinders. I was charged $80 for a new regulator (the valve) and have this feeling that i kenna fleeced. How much does it cost huhh?
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    cottage cheese

    anyone feeding their bbs this type of cheese? How do i know if something is cottage cheese? Am confused between the different types of cheeses. :001_302:
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    can cooked meat be frozen for later use?

    Hi mummies, am confused. The super baby food by ruth yaron says not to freeze cooked meat for later use, but annabel karmel's super foods for babies and children says you can. Anyone tried freezing cooked meat for later use?
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    helicopter parents

    i must admit that I'm becoming one... :p enjoy the article! Helicopter Parents: The Backlash Against Overparenting - TIME
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    ceramic hob

    hi, anyone using ceramic hob? want to install one instead of a glass one cos i thought that it'll be less prone to breakage, but turns out that ceramic hobs break as well. :p thought should do some homework before deciding.
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    where to get good wooden toys for bbs?

    Anyone knows where to get the HABA brand of wooden toys in Singapore? Or any good quality wooden toys, preferably not made in china?
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    mosquito infestation

    help! My place is over-run by mosquitoes after the recent fogging at my place. Short of spraying myself, dd and the dog silly with organic insect repellant every other hour, what else can i do? I've got one electric insect repellant in every room and have made sure that the toilets are always...
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    where to get chinese books for bbs?

    dd only has english books so far. Worried that she'll become a channel 5 ang moh pai like daddy when she grows up. :p
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    when to change latex pacifiers

    hi mummies, I'm using NUK latex pacifiers (the yellow ones). I tried sterilising them in a steam steriliser but found that the teats became rather gummy. So now i only use hot water to soak the pacifier for a while. Is that okay? Also, when should I change the pacifiers? The first few times...
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    breastfeeding and solids

    hi mummies, i read that bb's intake of milk is supposed to stay the same even after we've introduced semi-solids, right up till they are one year old. I'm latching bb directly on so how do i make sure that bb is drinking enuf? Do you intro fresh fruit juices? Also, once bb is having solids 3...
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    spore-trained docs more lenient on peers' ethnics

    today's article on C1, straits times. Now then they know... they could have just searched the forums, no? a good time to air grievances to the press?
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    in laws jealous of the closeness btw you and bb?

    my in laws are so weird. i get the impression that they are jealous of the close relationship btw dear daughter and me, and are very worried that dear daughter not close to her daddy. i think that's why they don't really like me to breastfeed. hello! my dear daughter drinks my milk, sleeps...
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    babies with GERD (reflux)

    any tips to deal with this? my poor girl keeps spitting up and crying in the middle of the night. sometimes she will be in a good mood and then suddenly shriek in pain. I see her also heart pain. boo hoo... :(
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    mummies with babies with GERD (reflux)

    Hi, anyone with babies with moderate to severe reflux? Need help on which pediatrician to go to and common tips on how to cope. thanks!