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    anyone hv bad experience with home tutor?

    Hi, anyone? Friend found out that his tutor actually just leave his DD doing homework AGAIN during lesson while the tutor busy doing personally stuff.
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    Few posts still not up in selling.

    Hi, I have a few selling posts that have not been show on the selling section. May I know normally take how long to post? Already quite some times. Thank you
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    can't see my post in selling.

    Hi, I cant see my post that was sent yesterday in the selling section. Is there any problem with the post? tks
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    babysitter at Sengkang, Rivervale Crescent.

    Hi, i'm writing behalf of my neighbour. she wanted to be a babysitter for weekday. Chinese lady, able to speak chinese and malay. For more detail kindly contact her at: 98338665 tks
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    need help? am i pregnant?

    Hi, need help on this. Been feeling tired these days thinking might be my mens coming. But Monday start feeling vomitting. Tested on Tues and this morning but negative. 1st day of last month period is on 12 May, we ML on 31 may. Very bad headache also. I hv 9yrs old boy and a 18mths gal. Thank you
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    water birth. anyone?

    Saw this water birth in youtube, Very common in overseas. Few s'pore hospital hv this also. anyone tried? Pls share yr experience. tks
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    slimming doctor in dover crescent

    anyone been to this doctor in dover crescent, been there many many years ago. not sure whether he is still there? anyone tried? Or any doctor that in sengkang good st slimming prog? tks
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    plus size swimsuit

    Hi anyone where selling nice plus size swimsuit? tks.
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    how to get rid of old clothes.

    hi, pls share what do you do with those old clothes. DH just sold away few big bags of clothes, some never wear cos we "outgrow" hehe.....some baby clothes (cos my kids grow very fast wear only few times) When DH passed me the $1 fr the man i feel so sad. Thinking of giving to charity but DH...
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    anyone wearing wig? where can buy?

    Hi, after thinking for long time, since my hair is so "airy" on top, thinking of getting a wig. But my head sweat easily will it be not suiable? Anyone know where can get good wig not looked fake but not too expensive? tks.
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    5mth baby hv problem sleeping facing down. help.

    my gal love to sleep on tummy, she will auto turn facing down. but recently she start crying when she was about to sleep on tummy cos she have problem 'putting' her head down. We try to help her turning her head down facing either side but she will keep crying seem like not sure which side to...
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    3mths baby saliva keep dripping and blow bubbles, is it normal?

    My gal just turn 3mths on 17 Mar, starting from yesterday her saliva keep dripping (alot suddenly) and keep blowing saliva bubbles, is it normal. Today becoming more we changed 2 hanky when shopping outside. Not teething at this stage right?
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    any idea which vacuum cleaner is cheap and good.

    As per above. Hv been changing VC every 2 years. Use everyday, but aft long used suction power not good liao. Now thinking of getting new one but this time hubby said juz buy some cheap and good one then change every year. Any idea? Like below $200.
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    help! bb always sleep when feeding.

    hi, my 6wks old gal always sleep when feeding. drinking NAN HA, max 120ml. she will awake for the 30ml and sleep "drink" for the bal 90ml. If we took away when she close her eyes, she will wake up and cry for milk. Total she took 1hr to finish her milk. Sometime i will put a pillow under e...
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    plus size clothes.

    Hi, plus size sahm here juz gave birth in mid DEC (nw bigger size haha), i juz remember i hv not buy any cny clothes yet. and my hair n eyebrow all not done yet. haha... Any body know where selling plus size clothes (staying in sengkang) and nice place for eyebrow trimming nearby? tks.
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    Baby bathing net

    Hi, thinking of getting those baby bathing net that attach to tub, But mother said no need cos only use for few months. anyone using tat net or those special tub that can let baby lie on it w/out us using one hand to support? Saw the net in Kiddy Palace ard $18+, v expensive.
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    where to sell used sofa, treadmil etc....

    Hi, any idea where can i sell used item. Like 2 yrs sofa, new bog sofa bed (seahorse), ele treadmil..... Any site or forum that i can post? any idea how much is transportation charges to deliver to the buyer? we pay or the buyer pay? Sorry no idea at all, pls help. Tks.
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    anybody give birth b4 the scheduled csect.

    Hi, one more wk to my scheduled csect but i can feel contraction pain now n baby is v low. can't move alot v painful. scare she might come out earlier then the schedule date.