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  1. jassmine

    Pediasure Chocolate and Vanilla Sachets

    i keen~ pls wa or sms me at 84889886 thanks
  2. jassmine

    Hi, is the mcqueen motor car still available?

    Hi, is the mcqueen motor car still available?
  3. jassmine

    beware of McDonald's Ang Mo Kio Park

    Hi mummies, my girl was infected hfmd after playing the indoor playground at macdonald Ang Mo Kio Park, at first we thought she was infected from school at childcare ( praise kids ) but there are no cases currently of hfmd infected from others kids over there. I n my husband was thinking where...
  4. jassmine

    where can i buy goodies bag for my dd birthday?

    hi mummies, i thought of celebrating my dd 2nd birthday at her school. So thought of getting some goodies bag for her classmate, is there any shop or online to get goodles? pls recommend.. Thanks in advance :)
  5. jassmine

    any mummies have go for IPL? (permanent hair remover)

    Hi any mummies have tried IPL (permanent hair remover)? anywhere to do it? and in affordable price? thanks1
  6. jassmine

    how to stop my girl having pacifier and lots of Qns !

    Hi mummies, my girl was 18mth old this mth, yet she still sucking pacifier often. whenever we keep her pacifier, she will start searching around and scream and cry for it and even lie down on the floor ( this goes to when she wants something n when we don't give her too ). is there anyway to...
  7. jassmine

    how to coax a toddler from crying non stop?

    Ahhz.. chiro!!! i have a naughty kaelyn, anyway to teach her? she cry n scream all the way until she get what she wants, sometimes i was so piss off n scold her but it doesn't help.. daddy have a cane for her to let me teach her but i couldn't do so.. can help me? how you teach johanan?
  8. jassmine

    Where to buy cute buttons?

    HI! do any mummies knows where to buy cute clothes buttons? Example: car, train, flower and different lots.. purchases overseas or Singapore is welcome thanks! Thanks in advances!!
  9. jassmine

    Colic in the breastfed baby

    take gripe water, my gal have colic when she was abt 6week old, we mix the gripe water in to the milk n fed her, n it cure fast!
  10. jassmine

    Let's add together in Facebook or MSN mummies!!

    hi add me at & thank you! both facebook~ pls let me know u r from mummysg thanks
  11. jassmine

    single parent support group

    Hi i am not a single parent but i will like to help those needed single parent, if u need any help do let me know.. will try my best to help whatever i can.. cheers! Go strong for single mother!
  12. jassmine

    Need recommend for photography studio

    Hi can any mummies recommend a good & affordable photography studio, looking for those kind below~ For a family of 8 ( 7 Adult and 1 baby ) and include 1 dog * Not too ex ( Do let me know the price ) Either With makeup & clothes provided for adult ( full photo taken back ) Or Without makeup...
  13. jassmine

    Restaurant that serves buffet

    YA!! my fav is their cheese cake.. yum yum~
  14. jassmine

    15.5months still not walking

    Huh let her fall?! we dont wish our gal full of scar:001_302:..
  15. jassmine

    15.5months still not walking

    totally understand how u feel as my gal coming 15mth yet not walking with unsupported too... I'm not too worried till people started commenting: still not walking yet and cant speak too?! it kind of piss off too..
  16. jassmine

    Ez possible to breastfeed back?

    oh i have stop breastfeed abt 7mth... is it possible?
  17. jassmine

    Ez possible to breastfeed back?

    Hi I have been stop breastfeeding my girl since she is 7mth old but recently that's a sharp pain on my breast and there is sticky transparent or yellowish liquid out from my nipple.. So I wonder if I possible to pump bk my milk supply? Thought of ebm to give my girl again..
  18. jassmine

    Night Wakes

    Will have battle tonight! Will try to force her bk to slp..
  19. jassmine

    Night Wakes

    i did try to let her slp earlier before.. eithe she refuse or she will wake up at 3am to start playing.. :embarrassed:
  20. jassmine

    Night Wakes

    She awake at 6 to play again.. When she sleep at 1.30am.. (-_-;)