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  1. EforEileen

    Anyone tried mark siew at batok?

    My daughter just recently joined in due to a friend highly commended. It was a group of 4 kids wit same age tuition together for 2hrs every week twice. he will drive a mini van and fetched all the kids. My dd say his wife help out in tuition sometimes. Anyone know him? Is he gd?
  2. EforEileen


    Just curious, any mummies, daddies out there got any pet(s)? What type of pet(s)? I have 2 chihuahuas(mine), 2 terapins(my daughter's), 2 hamsters(my kid's) and birds. :001_302:
  3. EforEileen

    Asience Shampoo & Conditioner

    Any try this? Good? I was thinking of changing to Asience cos my hair was dry from those permin, dying, etc...
  4. EforEileen

    Correct ways of cleaning face..

    What is the proper and correct steps to cleaning face? I only wash and tone. Occasionlly will put masks. Mummies can share your opinion?:001_302::001_302:
  5. EforEileen

    Quit smoking

    Anyone hv any ideas wat are the best way to quit smoking?
  6. EforEileen

    Hi, Im not new here actuali...

    Hi ladies, Im not new here but I have MIA for 2 yrs already, hehe... Im back and hope to know more mummies!! :shyxxx: Link to my old introduction:
  7. EforEileen

    Dentists for kids

    Hi mummies & daddies, I was planning to brim dd to dentist and I was curious at what age should a kid go dentist and how often should they go? My dd goin to Pri 1 next year so should I still brim her to private dentist? Primary school have their own dentist's bus de iz? :1err: TIA!!!
  8. EforEileen

    Wat u are unsatisfied abt urself?

    Hi ladies and guys, Jus curious whether there is somethin u dont like abt ur physical appearances.. for me, i dislike my flat nose, fleshy butt, short body... and my coarse hair..
  9. EforEileen

    Cervical Cancer

    I read tis leaflet about pap smear and in it, it stated risk of higher chance to develop cervical cancer include women who are sexually active... Wats sexually active? Havin sex everyday are counted as sexually active mah? Wan to get more knowledge about cervical cancer.. Any advice to...
  10. EforEileen

    my 3rd son have a bad breath.. iz too heaty?

    HI Mummies & daddies, My 2 yrs old ds keep havin bad breath. Whenever Im he is tokin near me I can smell it and his lips are always veri red. Iz a sign of too "heaty"? Are there other way of reducing the "heat" other than let him drink barley drink or the chinese medi 'ling yang'? my...
  11. EforEileen

    viginal infection

    Does anyone got infection before? How often? What causes infection?
  12. EforEileen

    Flatten your tummy.. Anyone noes any easy way?

    Does anyone noes how to flatten tummy without doin much exercise? Got a tummy tat keep bulgging out whenever wearing tight skirt or clothes. Veri ugly... :we2arghh:
  13. EforEileen


    Hi, Im Eileen, mum of 1 daughter, 2 sons. Nice to mit you all