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  1. llugguss

    Maternity Photoshoot

    For me, it was the most important and unusual day of my entire life. Since I was a teenager, I had been waiting for my wedding, so I was very excited about it. Another magical moment was the pre-wedding photoshoot. Thanks to the photography team, we had a fantastic experience. We chose an...
  2. llugguss

    Kēsa House (Studio)

    That's enough, although now they probably have just as much need. When planning house removals in London, we ordered only through a firm. And the prices were not much different, although it was 2020. We had time at the beginning of the quarantine to leave our house. But we did it in a few hours...
  3. llugguss

    Kēsa House (Studio)

    I can't imagine how they would move if they shut everything down for quarantine.
  4. llugguss

    Western food stall Five Dragons is giving out 600 free lunches next week!

    I was also once on a special diet. The diet after gastric resection is absolutely full-fledged. With food the body receives all the nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of all organs and systems. The diet is rich in protein. Particular attention is paid to minerals, essential fatty...
  5. llugguss

    Dealing with stress and anxiety during the 'A' Levels - advice from a tutor

    Walking is a critical moment in the restoration of shaky emotional health. After all, the adrenaline released in the blood during stress encourages us to move. Walking doesn't have to be "healthy" (through the woods, next to architectural beauties); it's walking and nothing more. The tension...
  6. llugguss

    Looking for movers in Singapore?

    I always thought it was better to have a few aces up my sleeve.For example, for a long time, we looked for the right company and considered many options. The move took place last year, and so then I used the help of these professionals. It seems that the movers of Singapore in this regard proved...
  7. llugguss

    Tour agency STA Travel to wind up, with hundreds of customers affected

    I can, but you might be more suited to a quieter vacation. I have an example of something interesting, but it will suit those who dare to hike to Niagara Falls So, I found a tour of these falls and I can tell you that you have never seen a cooler hike in any...
  8. llugguss

    Home tutors for all subjects by SmileTutor Tuition Agency

    In general, all coursework consists of an introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. All of the above items, except for the main part, will remain the same and do not require division into structural units. In the introduction, it is necessary to justify the relevance of the chosen topic...
  9. llugguss

    Credit at the casino

    Well, we can talk about that, but I take it you've already figured out the basics. Look online games like this and we can talk about which ones you like better. Indeed, a huge number of people have ever tried to play all kinds of gambling games of this format. Firstly, if you find a really good...
  10. llugguss

    Subscription Based Services

    I really like my monthly subscription to a box of clothes.
  11. llugguss

    Good supplements for men fertility

    Vitamins alone will not solve the problem. Our doctor said that there is a special complex and it helps "wake up the blood" there. Cyanocobalamin helps to produce red blood cells in the bone marrow so that the level of hemoglobin in the blood stays at the right level. B12 keeps cells from...
  12. llugguss

    Hotel Mono

    I'm not attracted to that style. A lot of people say it's aesthetics, but it looks kind of creepy. I was contrasting black and white without any color. I remember going to a karaoke place that had a similar style of interior. Even though it was decorated with lights, it was kind of gloomy. If I...
  13. llugguss

    Young, Thrifty and Debt-Free: This Couple Paid Off Their 470k Bishan Flat In 2 Years

    The broker performs his actions as instructed by his clients. He uses the money of the persons who signed an agreement with him when making transactions. For this effort, the broker receives remuneration, which can be fixed or expressed as a percentage. To carry out transactions with financial...
  14. llugguss

    Mattress size standard in My First Skool

    Where do you get these, I can't find any sellers
  15. llugguss

    Hair Industry Salon @ Roxy Square

    The design looks good! I also like the results of the haircuts and coloring. I saw on TikTok a new trend with the wolf cut, and I wanna try it so much. It looks so good. But I'm afraid that it won't look good on me because of my hair type. It's wavy and fuzzy. I've seen many people get to know...
  16. llugguss

    Credit at the casino

    Playing with credit money is a hazardous strategy. Playing with this strategy, you will quickly lose all your money. What's more, you will still owe the bank. I often play in casinos; I now play online with the advent of covid-19 in our life. In fact, playing online is much more convenient. You...
  17. llugguss

    Facing back-pain issue?

    Smoking pot helps me to reduce the pain. My doctor said that pot won't affect the baby, so I'm not afraid to smoke it. Sometimes the pain in my back was unbearable, and the weed helped me just fine. My husband got mad when he found out, but he talked to the doctor, and it's okay. Moreover, he...
  18. llugguss

    Colleges are withholding transcripts and degrees from millions over unpaid bills

    Of course, for students, even a small amount of money is significant. It's too bad that unscrupulous people create obstacles for regular kids. Moreover, most students already have student loans. When I was a student, I saved on everything I could. I lived in my parents' house near uni. Every...
  19. llugguss

    Favorite movie

    I read the book The Lord of the Rings. Now I'm going to reread it for the second time. I'm just thrilled with this book. Tolkien is just a genius. I do not know of any writer in the fantasy genre similar to Tolkien. I read the whole book in one go. I just couldn't stop until I finished reading...