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  1. January84

    Father Day Contest

    share with us a touching father day story n stand to win Fudgy Chocolate Brownies worth $45 1. One Person One Submission 2. Length of writing – 150 words or less 3. Submission date: 25th May to 3th June 2009 4. Voting date: 4th to 13th June 2009, 2100 hours 5. Winner will be...
  2. January84

    cannot view thread of march holiday outing....

    each time I click on the thread it will become a blank page. use diff PC also same... please help.......
  3. January84

    favourite cake flavour?

    what is your favourite cake flavour?
  4. January84

    Wedding place . . .

    which island, hotel, restuarant, country did you celebrate your wedding? or anything regarding wedding u wanna share? R.O.M / Customary Shavilla mar 06 / The Pines dec 06 What was the "in" during your wedding time? video of my ROM + photos of our ROM trip ) nv do the from baby to patok...
  5. January84

    Happy 2009!

    Hi everyone! Wishing all a happy 2009!!!! All the GOOD come and all the bad GO! :001_302: :Dancing_wub: :tlaugh:
  6. January84

    Green discharge

    experienced green discharge since this morning. Went to visit my gynae and found that this is due to infection. Send for lab tests and awaiting for results. 1st will be out in this 2 days and another by next week.. checked cervix and dilated 1cm liao... gynae have not prescribe any pills...
  7. January84

    Xmas meet & greet for kids!

    ======================================================================== TAKASHIMAYA (Takashimaya Square B2) Bakungan : 14 Nov - 23 Nov 2008 1PM, 4PM, 7PM Pooh and Friends : 28 Nov - 8 Dec 2008 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, 7PM...
  8. January84

    places for the kids

    am compliling list of places suitable for kids. e.g theme parks, game parks, farms, restuarants for kids. . . it would be best if there is website or address to it too. current list: my babies Thanks! :wong29:
  9. January84

    Baby Names

    What is your BB name and how u name them?
  10. January84


    are u the sharing the same religion belief before u marry to your DH? what is your/DH religion and any conflicts about that? My dad said to me that each one can have a diff belief so I can choose my own religion or to be a free tinkle. I chose to be a free tinkle as I don want to anyhow...
  11. January84

    most romantic restaurant

    listing the romantic restaurants. . . Please share the restaurant name and location here so that I can update in my blog... thank you, thank you! moments locked . . .: most romantic resturants
  12. January84

    golden bride

    anyone got watch "golden bride" (korea drama) before" Am looking for the song it always played during the show.
  13. January84

    Blogs u want to share

    Hi daddies & mummies, If you have a blog on your little ones that you would want to share, please reply with your blog's URL, so that I can add it to mine. please link mine to yours too! my babies If your blog is a blog for baby: please indicate "Baby blog" - url add if your blog...
  14. January84

    mummies in Jelebu Rd?

    mummies in Jelebu Rd?
  15. January84

    week 30 today.

    into 3rd trimester. since sun 12+ until midnight, lower adominal very pain, MIL says maybe baby moved downwards. I think maybe not enuff space for bb cos each time she turns, my tummy is like having tonado inside...... can also feel intestines being pressed on. . . . feel like shoutin out...
  16. January84

    BF break/ coffee break?

    enjoy break times? my co has a 30 mins BF break and 30 mins coffee break. i love it so much but i nv go, cos no kaki..... sian.... in my ex co, many kakis but no break, so we organised ourselves. in my new co, approved breaks but no kakis...... like so poor thing....
  17. January84

    preserve icing sugar

    anyone know how to preserve icing sugar? so that can frame up? any sprays/glaze to buy, how to use, where, how much or any shops that do preserve the icing sugar for you and also frame they up?
  18. January84

    Fbi/sbi & Jac

    anyone signed up for Born incentive and/or Junior Angels Club in TMC?
  19. January84

    annual shutdown for christmas and NY

    hi, anyone of you have annual shutdown by company but have to clear by own AL? i am working in US MNC, have this annual shutdown yearly for a week from 24 Dec onwards till 1 Jan. However, we are required to clear that as AL. If this year leave not enuff will clear as advance leave from...
  20. January84

    Huiji Waist Tonic

    This non alcohol tonic drink works very well for me when I was "serving" my confinement. But I am not sure if I can take this now? in 2nd trimester?