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    nose muscus

    hi fellow dads/moms me and my wife have seen mucus/bogey at bb's nose (6mths old) not sure if it's juz running nose/etc plus she finds it uncomfy when everytime trying to clear the nostrils up any idea how to work things out or is the presence of the muscus out of the norm?
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    duct blockage - any ways to minimise / overcome it?

    hi everyone as I see my wife BF my bb girl, I can't help but worry for her as she has the on-off duct blockage that is causing her to have swelling at her breasts any method that can help to minimise it?
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    which brand of baby high chair to get?

    hi all mums/dads to be, as me and my wife r in midst o sourcing for baby chair, any good brands to recommend / buy? tia!
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    wtb Niplette

    hi everyone asking on wife's behalf as she' looking to buy niplette to prep for BF any recommended brands to buy and where to buy them as we r searching high & low for it advice much appreciated, thank you!