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    myanmar maid renewal passport

    Dear Mummies, For myanmar helper’s passport renewal steps as below:- 1) Either bring them to cityhall’s Pennisula plaza to look for shops that help them to book appointment with their embassy to take number. They will pass them form to fill up after appointment is made. And bring it to embassy...
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    Looking for Part Time nanny/caregiver

    Helping my fren to look for a nanny/caregiver who willing to look after her special needs son who is non-verbal & active for a few hours like feeding & bathing mainly during evening time when she goes to wk. She is a single-mummy who needs to wk to support her kids. Stays at Tiong Bahru area...
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    WTG/WTB: Special Tomato EIO Pushchair/Stroller

    Hi, Helping my fren to ask if any1 has the above to give or sell it away in good wking condition. Thks
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    WTG: Any1 has Convaid Cruiser 14"

    Hi, Anyone has the above to let go? Thanks.
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    WTG/WTB: Rifton Large Adaptive Tricycles

    Hi, looking for the above. Any1 letting go or know where to buy 2nd hand. Pls let me know. Thks!
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    Neurofeedback for ADD / ADHD / Autism

    Hi mummies, Can consider this or EEG Biofeedback
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    Useful Organisations, Special Schools and Therapies

    Additional information to share. Parents who r keen can find out more. Patient is the key word. or
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    Info, Tips or Resources to SHARE

    Happen to know the websites that sells ST and OT stuff RYSELTOYS Therapy Resources
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    Useful Organisations, Special Schools and Therapies

    Any ST to recommend at reasonable price?
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    Anything under the sun - CHAT

    Planning for another kid but my outermost concern who can help me to look after my special kid. Not comfy engaging a maid as we only need some1 to bring her to sch and appointment. Haiz.... *headache*
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    Has anyone considered engaging 'nanny' for their children with special needs?

    Hi there, tot of engaging a nanny to help me look after my special kid. Anyone knows or recommend?
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    Tendon Release on ankle/foot

    My child is 6yrs old now. Has went thru a major surgery when she is 3-mth old. Hence causes her to b global development delay & feet is pointing downwards.
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    Tendon Release on ankle/foot

    Recent visit to e orthopedist recommended surgery to release tendon for my child. Any parents have did that? Is it really help? Can yr child walk after it was done? Pls advise.
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    WTG: 2nd hand Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer Frame (small K501)

    Hi, Looking for the above. Any1 letting go. Pls PM me the pics and collection location @ Thks
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    Do you believe fengshui, your house, deco plays a part in our child's illness?

    E placement of Ancestors is very impt. No harm trying if u wan. But see whether u've to pour in alot of $$ to do tat. Some I know very expensive.
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    Info, Tips or Resources to SHARE

    Is really very true. I started to get worry if so happen that both of us (My hb and I) happen in an accident and neither of us survive. What will happen to our girl? If you think individual WILL is not necessary, my point of view. @ least has a WILL for in event of both parents are not ard...
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    Introduction + child's Medical condition

    Give ourselves a tap on e shoulder. Each of us has different stage of difficulties. Recently we watched a show calls 'I can see you: A caregiver's story' currently showing on ch 8, wed @ 10.30pm. Used to air it on ch 5. More or less give us a boost.
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    What kind of insurance do you buy for your child?

    To me health insurance is more impt with high medical cost. Of cos if we claim is gd. If any mummies have not try getting insurance for their kids or been declared. Can consider Aviva's Hosp & Surgical plan which has Moratorium Underwriting, meaning no full medical underwriting required. When...
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    Introduction + child's Medical condition

    you ask e sch's social worker whether they've home base therapy. Until yr boy's condition gets better than you may consider bringing him to sch.
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    Feedback on Rainbow Centre-Queenstown

    Mine attending MORAL EIPIC-Yew Tee. B4 tat i actually assign to Woodlands. Itchy backside, tinking new centre shd have newer facilities & ever since PT left cant find any suitable candidates + planning for 2nd one [till now dun have :( ] traveling down fr Jurong is far too. Transfer lor. Nearly...