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  1. kywenyi

    Dr Chua or Dr Anita from NUH?

    hi all, any comments for Dr Chua Tsei Meng and Dr Anita Kale from NUH? i can't decide between these two gynae. will be booking my first appointment soon. any help please?
  2. kywenyi

    4 year old mouth ulcer - help!

    hey mummies/daddies.. i need advise. my 4 year old son has been having mouth ulcer on the same spot for 1-2 months. sometimes it seems healing and my son told me that it's not painful anymore then a few days later he tell me it's painful again. and when i checked, it became swollen again. the...
  3. kywenyi

    Good condition Lucky Baby Stroller

    Hi, letting go my Lucky Baby Stroller in good condition. Bought it at almost $290, letting go at $80. Email me @ if interested.
  4. kywenyi

    selling Good Baby stroller

    hi, im selling Good Baby Stroller @ $150 (price negotiable). condition: 8/10 everything function well except there are slight scratches email for pictures
  5. kywenyi

    New Top @ $8/pcs

  6. kywenyi

    Cheap Used Dress

    hi all, i'm selling used dress @ $6/pcs.
  7. kywenyi

    New BLACK&WHITE dress @ $10/pcs

    brand new dress selling @ $10/pcs
  8. kywenyi

    2 year old with eczema and dry skin

    hi, i need help here.. my son have eczema and dry skin since birth. i've been using pureen yoghurt head to toe to bath him. he was okay until today i see that he have dry flakes on his hair. i was thinking of changing his shampoo and body wash to QV KIDS, they have a range suitable for eczema...
  9. kywenyi

    recommended & resonable tattoo removal

    hi all, any one can recommend me one? it's best if in west area.
  10. kywenyi

    i think i am pregnant?!

    hi all mommies, i had my first pregnancy in 2009 and it is exactly how i felt now. it is as though one fine day i woke up and feel " i'm pregnant". two years back, with the same current symptoms, i went to source for many informations regarding pregnancy. i had a successful pregnancy back then...
  11. kywenyi

    is there any children's protection in singapore

    hi, imma single parents with a 15 month old son. can i check if there is anything i can apply in singapore in order not to let that jerk come near my son?