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  1. wenz

    Marriage counseling / 心理医生

    Hi, anyone know where can i find marriage counselor or 心理医生 that are not too expensive? Best is those gov based one...?
  2. wenz

    Looking for Admin Asst...

    My company have the following opening, anyone interested, feel free to pm me for more details, if you are not serious in getting a job, not able to commit to work long with the company, please don't flood my inbox. 1) Junior Admin Asst 5days week, Commonwealth area With knowlegde in computer...
  3. wenz

    Looking for Part-Time dosmetic helper

    Looking for fast and realiable part-time maid/domestic helper at Jurong area, anyone to recommend please pm me as i have few frens staying in jurong also looking for part-time maid... either once a week or once every 2 weeks.... Thanks!
  4. wenz

    KKH Gynae and Hospital Package

    Dear All mummies, my cousin recently found out that she is preg and was now seeing doc at NUH under sub but she was tired of the long waiting time and also different doc every visit, she is going into her 4th mth soon and i suggested she swtiched over to KKH, anyone who recently gave birth...
  5. wenz

    What will you do??

    I just want some advice in bringing up schooling kids. Mummies with kids in pri school now, especially upper pri, what will u do or react if ur kid's form teacher called and comment on negative issues on his behaviour and school work? Will u cane ur kid? Scold or scream? Talk to him nicely? If...
  6. wenz

    Baby Sleeping thru the night~

    Can i have a show of hands, at which month your baby starts to sleep thru the nite? i mean probably from 9am - 6am straight or more then 8hrs sleep...
  7. wenz

    Private Tutor/Tuition Agency

    Any mummies know of reliable tuition agency who provide gd tutor for home tuition?
  8. wenz

    Christmas Dinner

    Any suggestion for dinner for this christmas?? If u already have dining place in mind or booked already, care to share??
  9. wenz

    Brazilian Wax after delivery

    how long after normal delivery den can go for brazilian wax? will it hurt the wounds when they pull off the hair near the wound area?
  10. wenz

    Help! something wrong with my breast~

    dunno if this is the right place to post? my aerola near my nipple got a small bump like ulcer... its painful but no pus inside... anyone experience this before? is it serious if left untreat? i stopped BF my son last week.. anyone got any female breast specialist to recommend?
  11. wenz

    My Baby Prince Arrival

    Dear all, i'm glad to annouce the arrival of my 3rd bundle of joy! Hospital: Mount Alvernia Date of Birth: 26-06-2009 Weight: 3.01kgs Detailed birth story can be found at my blog...
  12. wenz

    What kind of contraceptive method are you using?

    Hi all, Care to share what kind of contraceptive method are you using now? What are the pros and cons? My personal experience; Depo Jab (A jab on the buttock which can last for 3months) Pro: no need to rem to take pills daily, only need to go back for the jab once every 3 months. Con...
  13. wenz

    Aircon Servicing/Repair????

    anyone knows any fren or company who offer affordable and good aircon servicing/repair? my room's aircon is down with bad flu and is leaking badly and need someone to attend to it... please intro~~
  14. wenz

    Rice Water

    my fren sent this to me, and i tot of sharing here... may come in handy if ur kids or children had diarrhoea... With recent case on the Gelyang Serai food poisoning out break.. would like to share the info received from a friend pls read on it may be of help... When someone gets diarrhoea...
  15. wenz

    Bad Cough, Sore thoat and flu

    May i know any mummy fall sick during pregancy? I'm having bad cough, flu and sore thoat... Do you all usually go normal GP for medication or to your gynae? Pls advice.. thanks!!
  16. wenz

    Ligation VS Mirena IUS

    Anyone done ligation or Mirena IUS before, appreciate your feedback on the pros and cons or side effect u experience...
  17. wenz

    Anyone mummies on Cap?

    Any mummies is on cap for contraceptive method? Need advice for the folloing; Is it painful when inserting the cap? Any side effect after cap? How much you pay for it? When making love, will ur partner hit or feel the cap during deep penetration? In surmary, do you regret putting cap? Am...
  18. wenz

    How much Birdnest to take????

    Dear all, May i know during your second trim how much birdnest u consume per day? Do u finish 1 bot? half a bot? or just 1 tps per day? I wanna start taking birdnest now but dunno how much to take is correct?? Please advice!!!
  19. wenz

    Home Food Delivery Services

    Dear All, Anyone has recommendation on home food delivery services for lunch? cos my son starting school in Jan 09 and he'll be home in the afternoon so i tot of catering those tingkat home delivery service for him at least 3 time a week... If u have any recommendation or providing this kind...
  20. wenz

    Need advice for TMC~

    All Mommies who gave birth at TMC, i need your advice. My last pregnacy was at Mt A and i love tat place somemore my PD is also at there but now i'm with no.3 and i was told by my gynae yesterday if i wanna do ligation i need to go TMC as Mt A are Catholic so they dun allow ligation to be...