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    MummySG Blinkie Artworks

    good for You guys, that You start some workout, thay all good not only for body :)
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    Cartoon Cupcakes, Agar Agar Cakes, Jelly Hearts & More....

    i love some funny cakes, especially for birthday !
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    How did u get to know about mummysg??

    my friend from work show me this page, which i really like now and i spend some time here :)
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    Hi there !

    Hi, i'm Jane i live in SG, Kallang for some time, i work with telecommunication crm system and there i met my future husband, now we're waitting for our sun, who will be born next week :)
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    Hi Sandra, im from Canada, but now i live in Singapore :) Say hallo to Canada for me !
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    Telecom network configuration software...

    Telecom network configuration software