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    Car seat

    Anyone has any recommendations on where I can find a place which demonstrates how to install the car seat into the car? Am planning to get a convertible car seat from newborn to 18kg. So far, whenever I was shown how to install the car seat (rear facing), the car seat seems quite loose fitting...
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    Baby limbs

    Oh no.. :( I didn't know that.. and I'm kinda worried that I hurt him without knowing :s
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    Baby limbs

    Have been able to see my baby limbs sticking out a little. Was wondering if we push back gently our baby limbs that is sticking out, will this action hurt them?
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    Is this normal?

    Hey all, Am 22 weeks pregnant. been getting mild pre-menstral kinda feeling from yesterday afternoon till now (I.e keep having the feeling of wanting to poo) Went to the toilet to poo twice already, no diahorea though. Sorry tmi. called the gynae, but was told by nurse that as long as no...
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    Hi Jouline, thank u for your reply. Know that it's not a worrying thing if it's drank during those wedding banquets. as its very diluted and not much of sharks fin. but the one I had was from tung lok luncheon, which gave one big piece of it. :( read online that it has alot of mercury and that...
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    I'm worried like mad, had shark fin soup twice and didn't know that I shouldn't be having it. I know it's a little too late to be crying over spilt milk, but I just keep worrying. Is there anyone who ate shark fins too? Did everything turn out fine? :(
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    Will the bloating and morning sickness ever go away?

    Am 17.5 weeks already. Had morning sickness since week 4. Started off with nausea and it started to get worse over the weeks. Have lost about 5kg since pre-pregnancy till now, due to not being able to eat well and the puking that has been going on. Was told many times that the nausea/morning...