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  1. rjj

    Port Dickson

    Anyone been there?? Anything nice there??
  2. rjj

    Happy B'day Sleepymama!!

  3. rjj

    Happy B'day Yoan!!

  4. rjj

    Kueh Lapis

    receipe kueh lapis : Instructions: Place the egg yolks, castor sugar and vanilla into mixing bowl. Beat to very high soft peak. Stir in the layer cake extract, flour and butter. The batter should be very thick. Place wax paper at the bottom buttered baking pan. Spread butter on top of...
  5. rjj

    1999 Mummies

    Hi any 1999 mummies out there to share and chat?
  6. rjj

    Hi all - rjj

    Hi all, fell in love the the pinkish purplish look of this site the moment i log in. hope to know more mummies. See a few familiar nicks.... keep in touch! :Dancing_biggrin: