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    swimming lesson

    Hi, I've been trying to see whether shld my kids go for swimming lesson for him to swim properly instead of playing with water in the pool, anybody has recommendation in woodlands area and is it too late for him to start now? He is not afraid of water, but always run into cough and flu...
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    throw tantrum when I give him Homework for P2

    Hi, My son will feel so bored when I give him worksheets to do. End up, he started throwing tantrum and he will start to behave negatively like daydreaming and etc. Any mummies can share your successful story of managing this. Thanks. :shyxxx:
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    Any comment on Berries Chinese Enrichment?

    Hi mummies, I'm very concerned with my 5 YOS gal, she is not exposed to Chinese speaking environment. She is not gd in Chinese. Anybody enrol yr kids to Berries? Can share your experience or recommendation? Thanks :bconfused:
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    Do U listen to Radio at work? Which stn?

    Hi, Just curious whether do u listen to radio at work? which stn? I'm supporter for FM97.2.:wink: