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    Any one with good chinese tutors or tution centers to recomend

    Dear parents, I would like to share my 2 cents worth of opinion. I have hired a few Chinese Language tutors over the years, most of them are using memorizing techniques still and my child is demoralized. However, my friend recommended me to this Tutor, he taught my child different writing...
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    Looking for Chinese group tuittion

    I have engaged quite a few Chinese Language tutors, but none suit my child as they are still using the memorizing methods. I am lucky to have met Mr Lim, his teaching techniques n methods is different. My child improves a lot. Mr Lim. 97279365.
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    Looking for tutor for my sec sch kid

    Hi mummies, I have a great Chinese Language tutor to recommend, his teaching methods is different from other tutors whom I hired for my child. Mr Lim 97279365.
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    Any mummies looking for Chinese tutor? I got a recommendation!

    So far, I have tried a few tutors for my child, I have tried local and prc tutors, but their methods doesnt suit my child at all. It has been memorizing of idioms, vocab again and again. Until I met this great tutor, who is good at Paper 1. He teaches Chinese language by teaching different...