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    Central Area - Looking For Babysitter/Nanny

    Hi I am urgently looking for a babysitter to take care my 2 months old daughter, I am staying at Kallang. if anyone know babysitter want to take care baby, can contact me at 83384885, thanks.
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    Work from Home

    Hi I am interested too, can email me at Thanks.
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    work at home earn cash easily

    Hi I am interested too, can email me at Thanks.
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    Looking for a job at flexible hours

    Hi I am interested too, can email me at Thanks.
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    Need lawyer for some advise

    I need the contact too, can email me at, thanks.
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    Maybe you can apply calam lotion (don know the spelling). It will ease the itch, my son have it when he have fever too. And I apply on him and he is not itch after that.
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    Employing Maid

    Hi Mummies, I am thinking to employ a maid. But I am wondering how much is a maid salary and what we need to provide to them. By the way, if we did not pay income tax, can we still employ a maid?:we2Randy-git:
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    Red spots after high fever

    My son was having high fever last thurs too, then on fri morning he also have alot of rashes on the whole body. I brought him to KK hospital. The doc prescride him calament lotion and was better after that.
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    baby fair

    Hi The next baby fair will be Singapore Expo on June, but I don't know which date sorry. :embarrassed:
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    Babysitter recommendation @ Bedok/Eunos/Tampines

    Hi Meiteoh I have a friend who is staying at Eunos. Please let me know if you still need a babysitter.
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    What's the hardest thing to salvage a relationship/marriage?

    Yes LOVE and TRUST is very very important. Without that then there will be quarrels almost everyday... No happiness at all only sadness...
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    My Woes- single or married?

    I have speak to him a lots of times. But everytime he say he won't do it again, but end up still the same.
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    Similac eye q 0-6months

    Hihi My son is also taking Similac Eye FM since birth. He poos is also the same watery and greenish. But he only poos 2 days 1 time or sometimes 3 days 1 time. I wonder is it normal. :err:
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    My Woes- single or married?

    Hi J & C PLEASE THINK before you do any decision if not in future you will keep thinking why you never think properly before you do. Right now I am also the same and I keep blaming myself that why I never think before I do. My hubby is worst, he steals from me and he don't even bother to take...
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    Anyone can advise if can take both the DOM and Huiji waist tonic together or only take either one of them? :err:
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    Hi, What product is that? Not DOM ma? Can PM me?
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    Is it his stomach got 'wind'. Try to put some 'Ru Yu You' on the stomach.
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    similac milk smells fishy?

    my son is also taking similac since birth. when he is less than 1 month, he poo more than once but now he don't poo everyday. sometime he 2 days poo one but sometime 3 days. and i found that he got a lot pheglm too. anyone have this pro? thinking to change fm but don't know which brand is...