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  1. cutieseah

    authentic coach n kate spade bags (2nd hand, lightly used)

    Want to sell 2nd hand branded bag, lightly used. PM for pricing. Thanks.
  2. cutieseah

    Stretch Mark Lotion

    Hi mummies, any lotion as of above to intro?? was using Palmer but think skin allergy therofre looking for other brand which did the same. pls kindly advise. thks in advance..
  3. cutieseah

    My 12mths old gal cant poo due to poo is way too big for her to squeeze out!!

    as above, any mummies have any ideas how to help my gal squeeze her poo out?? thks in advance..
  4. cutieseah

    Black thingy from her poo poo

    Hi Mummies, do u happen to see that ur bb poo poo got black thingy like a string?? it dun move, jus a lot of it with the poo... plas kindly advise. thks in advance. p/s: bb onli eat bb biscuit, milk and porridge with egg yolk.
  5. cutieseah

    Attach attachment??

    hi, how do i attach attachment to my post?? follow wat prompt out ask mi to upload from my pc but i still cant upload the pic to my post.. pls help..
  6. cutieseah

    yellow discharge

    Hi mummies, my gal recently jus had constipation. and luckily, she have clear it. but now, when i change her diaper, i found some yellow discharge at her diaper and further investigate where it come from, i can find it. Does any mummies here have this issue?? could bb so young have white...
  7. cutieseah

    Introduce of egg yolk

    Hi mummies, can anyone advice mi how to intro egg yolk to my gal?? i try to add it into her brown rice puree but she doesnt like it n therefore refuse to eat her brown rice since. any other way i can intro it to her?? thks
  8. cutieseah

    Wat Learning DVD do u let ur child watch other then Barney??

    Hi mummies, please advise on the above? trying to buy some dvd to let my gal learn n keep her entertain. Any other then Barney? Thanks
  9. cutieseah

    Wat semi solid food should i give to my 6mths gal??

    hi mummies, please kindly advise mi wat am i suppose to give to my 6mths old gal??? and wat am i suppose to teach her while i'm with here?? cos i currently living overease, therefore i cant go out as n when i wan to but to stay at hm with my gal.. n there seem like nth much to do with her...
  10. cutieseah

    bb stool

    hi mummies, was curious to know, how then u know tat ur bb stool is ok?? my gal stool was like watery and in dark green color. ever since she was born, her stool was this color. have check it with the nurse regarding with the watery and dark green color stool, she say its ok if this was since...
  11. cutieseah

    First solid food for baby

    hi mummies, today i jus let my gal try out the food (heinz). how do we noe if they like the taste or whether they like it?? my gal was like enjoying it but somehow seems like dun really like it.. after eating the solid food, she was wailing for quite a while. let her drink some plain water...
  12. cutieseah

    medi for baby on long flight

    Hi mummies, am checking out if any of u noe that there is one type of medi for baby to take to let them slp on flight while on a long hr flight?? If yes, where i can get it?? Thanks.
  13. cutieseah

    5 Mth - 6 in 1 vaccination

    hi mummies, jus a curious ques. bb 5th mth injection can take the 6 in 1 vaccination??
  14. cutieseah

    Not drinking much milk for the whole day.

    Hi mummies, my gal this few weeks have been behaving weird.. she dun drink her milk and whenever she drinks its jus a few slurp then she will start to cry.. then i dun feed her already, she will cry n cry. and for the whole day, she can actual drink onli 480ml, which is so little for her...
  15. cutieseah


    Hi mummies, my gal have jus turn 3mths not long, n she 's like having constipation recently. she cant seem to poo out her poo poo but she did fart alot n her fart is damn smelly.. Is it the milk problem tat make her constipation? can any mummies pls advise is there any way to help my...
  16. cutieseah

    my baby face

    my baby face have those heat rash i suppose. but it seems like as time pass, it getting more worse in the sense it become quite rough when we touch it. have been cleaning it clean often but now, my gal eye brown oso have it n sometime her eyes will have some of the red dots too... doc say all...
  17. cutieseah

    Reject milk

    my gal have been rejecting her milk. her milk intake have been decreasing. sometime, she can like skip her milk as in its time for her to be fed, and when u put the milk into her mouth, she suck for a few time then she reject it but pushing the teats out from her mouth. n if i put in again, she...
  18. cutieseah

    Baby dont want to sleep

    hi all, any suggestion like how to coax baby to slp?? my gal refuse to fall aslp. whenever i try to pat her to slp, she will make herself sudden alert when she was abt to doze off. pls kindly advise. thanks:tsad:
  19. cutieseah

    Baby dun like to sleep in baby cot at nite

    hi all, any idea how to let baby slp on their own bed during nite time?? my gal was ok to slp in her own bed during the day time but once nite time comes, she will cry once i put her in or maybe she slp for a few minute then cry n dun wan to be put back if i try to put her in again..
  20. cutieseah

    Burping/vomiting through bb nose

    do i have to worry abt anything if baby dunno for wat reason, might be they burp or vomit but the milk come through their nose instead from the mouth???