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  1. mavis


    Hi everyone me and my friends will like to drive to Malacca during Dec but this is the 1st time we drive and go there. Would like to know wad should i look out for? and is it save to drive there? :001_302:
  2. mavis

    Any idea of wad wedding door gifts?

    Hi mummies can anyone suggest any wedding door gift or shops tat sell cheap door gifts? i asking for my sis? thks Mavis:001_302:
  3. mavis

    Cakes & Buffet for Kids Birthday Party......

    Hi Mummies lyk to knw which cake shop have nice ELMO Cakes and buffet which is nice for celebrating Kids birthday. Doing some research for my gals 2nd birthday....:001_302: have tried YLS for my wedding, my gal's full mth and 1st bday. So though of changing to another buffet.:tlaugh:
  4. mavis

    恶作剧2吻 have started liao...

    Anyone chasing after this drama恶作剧2吻?:001_302: now taiwan only show till ep 3. still a long way. can watch from here. æ￾¶ä½œå‰§2å￾» 优酷视频
  5. mavis

    Any Gd maid agency to intro..........

    Hi mummies are there any gd and cheap(agency fee) agency to intro? looking for maid to take care of my 18mths DD, :001_302:
  6. mavis

    When is the Best Time?

    When is the best time to bring baby 6-36mths to doctor when they having High fever? i will normally bring my dd straight to doctor if there's no medi at hm. But if have i'll wait for 1-2days den bring her to PD. Am i correct????
  7. mavis

    Local Bridal Makeup artist...

    Anyone have any cheap and Good Bridal makeup artist to intro... Looking out for my Bro...Whose getting marry on 22th Dec'07!!:tlaugh::tlaugh:
  8. mavis

    Chalets/resorts in Singapore...

    How many Chalets/resorts are ther in singapore tat we can held our DD's/DS's Birthdays? SAF Changi Chalets(only for SAF personels) Aloha Costa sand resort Chevrons Aranda Country club Anymore.....
  9. mavis

    Soft Drinks....

    When do mommies start to let Ur DD's/DS's drink soft Drinks..... my DD is turning 17mths but i have nv let her tried any Soft drinks yet cos i'm scared tat she will cough more often... But now when she saw me drinking she will point and say something tat only she will understand...
  10. mavis

    Genting Trip with DD's/DS's...

    Hi mummies Think most of us here should have been to Genting liao... But have u bring ur DD's or DS's there b4... Any mummies just came back from there? Cos i m gng to bring my 15mths DD to Genting next week, scared i miss out anything important, haha.... So scared tat dd will make nosie...
  11. mavis

    How to cahnge My User Name???

    Can anyone help me?? How can i change my user NAME??