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    How to clean canvas shoes?

    This may be a silly question for some of you but my son just started P1 and is wearing canvas shoes (the B.first ones from Bata), I am hoping there is a better way to clean them other than what I used to do (wash in water and apply the white cream thing).
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    Dye, perm or rebonding

    Nope, I refrained from doing these. Chemicals have to be used for doing these and they do get into the blood stream, so even without being preggy or bf I think it's not advisable to do too much......
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    Dr Chan Kon Hon - Gleneagles

    I wouldn't say Dr Chan is that chatty but when we asked questions he always had logical answers. I had epidural c-section and throughout the thing he was chatting to my hubby about a hobby. His nurses brought in speakers for him to play music during the procedure. Before we knew it he was done...
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    Dr Chan Kon Hon - Gleneagles

    Dr Chan uses the 3D (or is it 4D??) machine everytime. He's a good doctor and believes in using the best equipment, that's why the high charges. I've always seen him only on weekdays and as much as possible for first appt so I don't have to wait. He told me himself Saturdays are VERY busy so he...
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    Baby Haircut! Where??

    I bring my elder son to this place at Katong Mall B1, called Kitz Connexion (Tel: 6346 4468). They specialise in cutting for kids, used to be at Parkway Parade but moved out when rental was raised. Can't remember the charges, you can call up if interested.
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    dr elizabeth khor or dr belinda muragasu

    Both my boys see Dr Belinda Muragasu. I don't know Dr Elizabeth Khor so I cannot compare, but Dr Belinda, in my opinion, is very good. She's very experienced, pro-breastfeeding, and shows a genuine interest in the children's well-being.
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    Baby Haircut! Where??

    Actually, how about trying to cut the hair yourself? My younger son is almost 20 months old and I've been cutting his hair myself. Hubby bought a pair of scissors specially for cutting hair. I let baby sleep on bed, and when he's sound asleep I slip a large sheet of cloth/waterproof sheet under...
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    Infant Care VS Babysitter which one is better?

    I did the 2 day flexi program. Can't remember the rates for full 5 day program, but definitely more than $1k. Probably best to call them directly to check. If you do visit, tell them Yew Chin's mom recommended. They'll probably remember my son's name better.
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    Infant Care VS Babysitter which one is better?

    It was Rosy Hearts, near Toh Yi, or Beauty World. You can do a search on google and check out the website. I've transferred my younger son to the same child care centre as my elder son because that is much nearer to home and more convenient for me to drop off both kids at one place. But I...
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    Is pedicure hygenic?

    Just went for my first pedicure. Feels good, but as I watched the ladies work on my and other people's feet I started wondering.........they use the same "equipment" on all customers without sterilising right, so if someone comes in with fungus on the feet, isn't there a possibility of passing...
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    Only been to Osaka when younger son was six months old and I breastfed him all the way. They have nice baby rooms in a lot of shopping complexes. Generally quite baby friendly. Water can get on plane.
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    Do you let your 12 yrs old teen to go the private tutor class?

    Actually where education is concerned, I kind of believe in the "good things no cheap" theory, unless it's teaching by family member or friend. :) Doesn't work the other way though, not all expensive tutors are good. Important to make sure tutor good before sending, otherwise may teach or...
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    Looking for phonics tutor

    Just thinking, instead of doing a one-to-one tutoring, which may be boring for a young child, how about sending her to a place such as Julia Gabriel or Lorna Whinston? They don't teach Phonics specifically but I think it's very good exposure and the sessions are very interesting. I personally...
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    What to give my 11mths baby overseas?

    Brought my son to HK for a week when he was 12 months old. He survived on Nestle brown rice cereal and breast milk for that week. Got quite sick of it towards the end I think, because he was eating less and less, but at least I didn't have to lug a cooker along. :)
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    Infant Care VS Babysitter which one is better?

    My personal view, based on my limited experience, is that in a good infant care centre (tends to be more expensive), the infant not only gets cared for but also can pick up skills like self feeding, enjoy music, etc (program varies from centre to centre). Of course the major con is exposure to...
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    Ben 10, Transformers, scary shows... you allow yr boys to watch?

    Yep, I realise the kids in my son's school who don't know about superheroes kind of get left out. It's not that a kid has to know about superheroes to "belong" to a group of friends, it's more like it's important to be aware of what's "in" around then learn to discern. Among my sons' friends...
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    Ben 10, Transformers, scary shows... you allow yr boys to watch?

    I allow my sons to watch. Actually hubby and I enjoy these cartoons like Ben 10, Batman, Star Wars, etc, so when elder son was younger, like 2 or 3, we would watch together with him and chit chat to him about it. It's bonding too, the fact that we share his interests, and by watching together...
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    Help!!Baby keeps spitting up after every feed

    The freq and amt of vomitting varies from infant to infant. Generally, as long as it's not a LOT of vomit it's ok. Doc told me infant's intestinal track is short, that's why tends to throw up, some can keep doing it up to about 2 mths. I remember for my elder son, we used to spend up to an...
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    Give water to newborn?

    Recently there was an American research paper that said giving infants water may be dangerous because too much water can be "toxic" for infants. For breastfed babies, definitely no need water because breastmilk is already very high in water content. Formula milk may be "heaty" which is a...
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    Why does my baby have green poo?

    I seem to remember it may have to do with taking in too much lactose, possibly due to too much foremilk instead of hind milk. But occasional green poo is ok. Prob if it lasts for more than two days you may want to check with paed.