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    Home Theft

    I've a bad relationship with my MIL. Since marriage she and my 2 Bros in law are staying with us, my hubby is the eldest son. For 6 years, everyday was a torture, and I used work as an escape. Untill I was pregnant with my 2nd child (2 yrs ago), that I threaten my hubby that either we move or I...
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    Milk for a 6 year old

    Hi Mummies, Need your help/advice : We recently decided to stop buying formula milk - Progress no. 4 for my 6.5 yrs old, reason being, it is expensive also she insisted on drinking from her bottle and not cup or straw. Tried Meiji / HL etc fresh milk, but she don't like it and only had 2 sip...
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    BBQ Cater

    Hi Mummies, I'm planning a BBQ party for DD's birthday. Anyone can had use a BBQ cater before ? I'm hopping to get someone that can BBQ for you - heard it's about $70 for 3 hours for one man power.Can share with me pls ?
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    National Costume Doll

    Hi Mummies, Boss gave me a big task : to search for national costume doll of 5 S. E. Asia country. An expatriate is leaving and he wants to frame up these dolls as a farewell present to him in rememberance. HELP.... where can i find such dolls ? DFS ? Thanks for your tips.
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    Troubled - Lizard & Roachers

    Hi Mummies, I'm so upset.... We recently shift to our dream home 3 months ago. House was so nice and clean when we came to see before decision to buy. I also asked the previous owners about pest problem - cos 3rd floor. He said some only, not much. And yet, there are some much roachers -...
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    Egg and Kiwi for a 15mths ?

    Hi Mummies, Can you share with me if it is ok to feed a 15mths egg (well blend of yolk and white then steam with fish or meat) or egg tofu (those bought from market) and Kiwi ? I went home early that day and saw my MIL giving that to DS and thought I read somewhere that egg should wait a bit...
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    Hi Mummies, I'm looking for a cheap and reliable contacts to make curtains for new home (budget blown with Reno). Amy recommendations pls ? Thanks a lot
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    Dental - Tamp/PR - 6 year

    HELP!! - My gal bottom, front tooth is sprouting out. But the baby tooth is standing firm, no sign of movement at all. And the new one is growing fast and pushing it, hence slanted growth already. What shall I do ? Any good dental to recommend in Tamp. or Pasir Ris area that I can bring...
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    Batam with a 11 mths ?

    Hi Mummies, I won a voucher to Batam View Resort (all paid, except for lunch & dinner) that expired in 30 Jun. So thought of bring my 11mth prince along. But faces major objection from parents, reasons cite : Mosquitoes, No clean water, still rather 'messy' there. Any one can share...
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    Casuarina Pri (Pasir Ris)

    Hi, Is there any mummies who had their kids in Casurina Pri ? My gal is in P1 this year, and would like to be touch with any mummies for consulation / feedback of this school. I'm a little concern when I saw the P1 ratio during the first week of school. I'm staying at Tamp (near TP JC)...
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    Comment : Casurina Pri (Pasir Ris)

    Hi Mummines, I want to ask if any mummies in the east, Pasir Ris have kids in Casurain Pri. DD have been enrolled in this school (we are moving to the east), and I want to know the reputation of this school etc. for better preparation. Thks
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    2% Agent Fee - Payable or not

    Advice Please - I'm disappointed with my agent and flet that he did not do a good job,hence very reluctant to pay him his 2% fee. Forced by circumstances, we bought a condo in April with the help of this agent. Upon acceptance,the paper work at the lawyer place also started. But, he did not...
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    2% Commision - Even Thou not a good job

    Hi Mummies, I would like to ask if we must die die pay the 2% the the agent for selling out HBD even thou he did not do a good job. I felt that my agent is not doing a good job - he simply ignore reminder that we need to sell our house fast (as already bought a another, paid deposit etc)...
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    Holiday Class - Abacus / Drawing

    Hi Mummies, Any one sent your little one to Abacus or Drawing classes in Pasir Ris Drive 6 ? Can share your experience with me ? I'm thinking of send my 6 yrs old for some classes, as we will be moving house soon hence with drawing her from school (k2) earlier. MThanks.
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    Pacificer and Sleep

    Hi Mummies, Any one giving your baby pacifier ? My 4 mths old still want his pacificer, especially when sleepy. At night (about 11pm), after his last feed, he will cry for pacifier to soother for sleep.When deep asleep, we will remove the pacifier or it dropped out itself. Then at about 4am...
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    Rashes / Eczema after Malay Massage

    Hi Mummies, Just want to find out : did anyone of you develop rashes after the massage ? I got lots of tiny red spot (like little pimples),as per my massage lady, it's the fats breaking down. Just need to apply cold cream and it will be gone after a few days. But, I developed too much on...
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    Noisy Breathing

    HELP, my DS of 6 weeks old have noisy breathing. Can hear him breath rather hard when sleeping. Have check the nose, a little block and have remove the bigger piece out. But still noisy breathing. Scard got respiratory infection. Any advise.
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    First Month Vaccination

    So angry today. Make a fruitless trip to Paediatrican and was told can jab baby at 6 weeks. The new practice is that can jab baby at 6week (instead of 1 month) for this 6 in 1 jab, then another at 6mths and 1 year. Instead of the old practise of monthly jab. Eventually, save them 2 jabs pain...
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    Heat Rash - Help

    Oh dear, my boy got heat rash all over face, side near ears and neck. And his full month party is this weekend. Already washes face 3-4 times a day, but the red pimple rash comes back again in a few hours. If I stand in front of the fan for 10 mins, the rashes reduced. what should i do ? MIL...
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    Ru Yi You - When

    Hi Mummies, Just wondering when you start using Ru Yi You on your little one. My 3 wks old DS seem to have a bit of wind in the tummy, also burp super loudly after feed. Hence, thought I introduce Ru Yi You to help a bit.