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  1. tinkerball

    Sale of balance flats (MCPS)

    Since u got a queue number, there might be some chance for you if applicants ahead of u decided not to select/give up their flat. my sis in law too by chance got a call from HDB though her queue number exceeded way above the number of units offered. its pure luck for her case and its the one and...
  2. tinkerball

    Sale of balance flats (MCPS)

    If u get a queue number at all, that means u will get to select a flat. no queue number means u can proceed to apply for the next BTO and hopefully you will have better luck. they will normally send u a letter to inform u wether u get a queue number or not. for example u apply for 4 room flat...
  3. tinkerball

    Hair cut for toddler

    Hmm.. my toddler went to QB for haircut. Cost $10 and very fast service. So far im quite happy it. It helps if ur child is able to sit still thru the whole process.
  4. tinkerball

    Hiring stay home mums who can sew

    so far there has been no reply nor mails in our inbox. can the thread starter actually give an indication that u no longer needed the extra help? im sure many more mummies will leave their replies and emails in this thread.
  5. tinkerball

    Hiring stay home mums who can sew

    Me too!
  6. tinkerball

    Anyone tried invisible window grills?

    Go try post this question at this website RenoTalk .com ™ U might get more replies:001_302:
  7. tinkerball

    Recommendations for playgroup in west area (preferably jurong east)

    anyone had recommendations? teacher to students ratio? the fees? pls help. thanks in advance.
  8. tinkerball

    Benefits for SAF men buying a flat?

    then u hav to set a side a some budget for the cov alone, at least 15k to 20k. its very very hard to find flat with low cov now. property agents advertises units with low cov. when called up to ask how much is it, they say 12-20k:err:. that is their definition of low cov. property prices is...
  9. tinkerball

    Benefits for SAF men buying a flat?

    definitely no special privileges even if ur fiance is a signed-on SAF. everyone gets equal chances and since u are 2nd timer it'll be even tough for u to get a flat unless ur lady luck is really smiling on u. 95% of flats are allocated to first timers while the balance 5% will be left for 2nd...
  10. tinkerball

    hello i'm mamanisa... i'm new here..

    welcome! selamat datang!
  11. tinkerball

    All are welcome...

    cheap cheap one lahh.. i hardly use the stroller nowadays. cant join tomorrow. need to go hospital to get my boy's medical report.. then lodge a report to CASE about Aydin's accident. im not letting that furniture company get away so easily.
  12. tinkerball

    All are welcome...

    lol! i didnt realise its tomorrow.. i thought want to look for 2nd hand lightweight stroller then can join u guys.. all the while i didnt even look at the date.. next time horr.. help me find a stroller lah.. heee.. :)
  13. tinkerball

    All are welcome...

    im so tempted to go.. but the inconvenience involved now that ive moved place.. haiz.. how.. how..
  14. tinkerball

    What type of mattress is good for toddlers?

    i only used the pillow, bedsheet and mattress and they are still fine till now. in my opinion the price did justify the product cos im using it for over 2 years now and they dont sink like normal mattress do and the shape stills stays intact
  15. tinkerball

    how does ur toddler falls asleep at night

    i pat my boy's butoock till he falls asleep but if that fails i switched off all the lights and tv. he usually falls asleep easily in the dark :)
  16. tinkerball

    WTF Mom kills baby ??

    i hope she gets the death sentence. did she ever loved her child at all?
  17. tinkerball

    Wanted : Rent a Master Bedroom @ East or amk area

    i do agree with coco too. $600 for 4 pax is too low for rental. here's s link that may help. Rent in Singapore - HDB, Condos, Flats, Property
  18. tinkerball

    epidural or oxyen gas...

    oxygen gas didnt help at all that i requested for epidural instead cos i was in too much pain from the contractions. its s bit pain of course but compare to the huge relief that came afterwards, its worth the jab.