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  1. maltesefamily

    lost confidence,anyone else?

    Hi Sweetness, dun worry, u r not alone! My 1st pregnancy I gain about 7kg (was 45 kg b4 preggie). then maintain 52kg for abt 2 yrs. Then got preggie again. when full term I was 75kg..(Whole pregnancy put on total of 23kg) After gave bith in Apr'08, my weight was 65kg.. Now after 3 mths only...
  2. maltesefamily

    Playgroup for 21 mths in Bt Panjang

    Hi Mummies, Is there any good recommendation for playgroup in Bt Panjang area?? My DD is coming to 21 mths liao.. Tot of putting her in playgroup to let her learn more tings and to keep her occupied..
  3. maltesefamily

    Any Malay Massage lady to recommend??

    Hi Mummies, Do you have any good recommendation for Malay Massage lady?? What is the price like??
  4. maltesefamily

    Looking for a transfer maid?

    Hi Ralph, Can i noe more abt this maid of urs?? Coz I m looking for a transfer maid very urgently. Pls kindly call me at my mobile 92706580 Janice. Thks!!
  5. maltesefamily

    Mummies please be more careful when you employ a MAID!!!

    Hi Veronica, We did tot of abt the suggestion as well (gg to MOM), but wat happen if the maid decided to twist her story?? Afterall, watver she said the her age was only verbally.. I haf no hard evidence oso..
  6. maltesefamily

    Mummies please be more careful when you employ a MAID!!!

    Nowadays its so difficult to find a good maid.. U will nvr tell their character until u actually stay wif them.. I haf been victimised by maids n maid agy.. Since last yr Sept til now, I have change 4 maids... 1st maid : Mujiati - She has been working wif me since the birth of my 1st child (July...
  7. maltesefamily

    MAid and bb only.

    Hi Mummies, I have the intention to install a camera in my hse.. Any one has gd recommedation?? I have one quotation which quote me $1400 for 4 cameras + installation and can record up to 24hr.. No experince before.. Pls advise.
  8. maltesefamily

    Toddlers' beds and furnitures

    Hi mummies and daddies, Any idea where to get nice and affordable toddler's bed and furniture beside Ikea? Am tinking of getting them for my DD who is almost 17 mths now.. My 2nd one is due on April 08, tats y am tinking of training her to sleep alone in her room..
  9. maltesefamily

    Any mummies try Medela Breast pump before??

    Hi, I heard from my friends tat Medela breast pump is good.. Any mummies try it before?? My frd oso mentioned tat they offer rental service of the pumps as well.. Is it true??
  10. maltesefamily

    Chicken Pox Vaccine While Pregnant, Advice Please

    Hi cheaka, jus read yr story. Hw r u now? Hope evrything is fine wif u n ur baby.. Somehow, we kind of share the same problem.( read my thread under 1st trimester ).. Take care!!
  11. maltesefamily

    URGENT!!! Support & Advice Needed

    I'l like to share my ordeal wth u n hopefully get some advice n support...I have a 15 mth old daughter, and currently pregnant wth my 2nd child (15 wks). I brought my 15 mth old daughter to cck polyclinic for her scheduled MMR jab on 27th oct 07. somehow, d jab was not taken, due to that...
  12. maltesefamily

    Anyone due in April or May 2008?

    My gynae its Dr Kenneth Edward Lee. Hospital will be Mt Alvernia..
  13. maltesefamily

    Anyone due in April or May 2008?

    Hi Smurferoos, my mum was against me of drinking of ginger tea coz she said not tat good during the early stage of pregnancy.. I duuno is it another old wives' tale.. In fact, same like u, dis pregnancy is worst den my 1st one.. To top it off, I am working.. For the past few weeks, I din manage...
  14. maltesefamily

    Anyone due in April or May 2008?

    Hi Priscilla, wats crystal ginger?? Nvr heard of it b4..
  15. maltesefamily

    Anyone due in April or May 2008?

    Hi thr, I am due on 28 Apr 08.. Dis is my 2nd... Btw, anyone experience bloatedness?? I am having one.. N i really desperately seeking help to get rid of the wind in my stomach... really feel so uncomfortable n keep burping!!! HELP!!!!
  16. maltesefamily

    Natural delivery after c-sec?

    My 1st was a c-section due to breech. Tat was last yr July 2006.. Now I am expecting my 2nd one EDD Apr 08 and would like to try for normal.. My gynae is all for it tat is if it is not a breech one again.. My gynae din mention anything negative lei... Hopefully I can try for normal dis time...
  17. maltesefamily

    April 08 Mtb

    Hi thr... I am oso a April MTB.. EDD : 28 Apr.. Dis is my 2nd child but still not used to those morning sickness.. sigh.. Like u, Rikko, i oso cant sleep everynite.. Got heartburn too.. Migraine.. Constipation.. and all the acne appearing out of nowhere.. Worst still, I am a FTWM.. Its such a...
  18. maltesefamily

    Morning sickness

    Same for me.. Everyday so hungry yet no appetite.. So bo bian lor, I eat n I puke it all out again.. During the process, I tink alot of air went into my stomach.. Feel very bloated all the time n haf to kip burping.. So embarrassing.. sigh... Its juz the beginning n i aredi feel so sianz...
  19. maltesefamily

    May MTB 2008

    Any May MTB here? I tink my EDD shld be in May 08. Only found out abt my pregnancy last wk.. LMP was on 23 July.. Dis is my number 2 child.. Hopefully its a boy dis time.. My DD is now 13mths only.. Dis pregnancy is a one hit bull's eye.. Only tried once den kena liao.. Now me n hubby start to...
  20. maltesefamily

    2007 TTC Mummies

    I am oso TTC since July 2007 after my DD 1st yr old bday.. Tink dis time quite positive liao.. last LMP is 23/07/07 until now.. Since 2 wks ago, been having vormitting n loss of appetite symptoms.. But did a pregnancy test wif a GP downstairs my hse 2 wks ago.. He said it was negative.. But I...