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  1. BarbraIss


    Probably this offer ceased to be valid back in 2017, but I'm still interested to know if such competitions are no longer held?
  2. BarbraIss

    Tour agency STA Travel to wind up, with hundreds of customers affected

    I prefer to move and travel by train; on the plane, you do not get the emotions you get on the train. Moreover, DB offers a vast network of new and improved regional routes. The trains are equipped with comfortable seats and multifunctional cargo compartments for luggage, bicycles, etc. It has...
  3. BarbraIss

    Coding school for kids

    Can you inform us that this offer is still valid? My son really wants to learn how to program.
  4. BarbraIss

    GangNam Style

    It's a pity that PSY is no longer engaged in creating music. I'm sure his music will probably live forever.
  5. BarbraIss

    How To Make Icecream At Home

    I've always wanted to make my own ice cream! Thank you for the useful guide!
  6. BarbraIss

    Newbie here

    Hi, I hope this community will be able to welcome you well.
  7. BarbraIss

    Food Guide: The best of Canberra

    I have always liked China for its design and culture. Visiting China is probably my biggest dream. I know a lot about China, but I don't know anything about Chinese food at all. In general, I am very picky about any food, so I don't know if I should visit Chinese restaurants at all? It's...
  8. BarbraIss

    Hotel Mono

    It looks amazing! I've always liked this monochrome style. But in hotels, this kind of room design is rare. However, maybe I just rarely came across such hotels.