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    Age difference betwenn you and your hubby/wife

    mine is 6mths gap. I am older than hus 6mths... ...
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    Wat to do?????????????????????

    hi mummies, i am abt 30weeks pregnant. EDD:Feb2010. Had planned to get my mum to help & hus suddenly suggested that my family move in altogether and get their place rent out so they can hv more cashflow. I agreed. I was very happy as i always hope this to happen. I thought this is the BEST...
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    Looking for nice confinement meals... ...any gd recommendation?

    Hi mummies, Gd morning! :Dancing_wub: I am abt 28/29weeks preggies with my bb#2. Plan to order confinement meals for this round. Any good recommendation? Had checkout this website: & Any more good ones? let me know.:)
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    Am I too Petty?

    hi all, I had a HSE of inconsiderate INLAWS. My 1st confinement was a MESS & i told her b4 that I will ORDER CONFiNEMENT MEAL for my 2nd confinement. Some IL juz love to TOK bt ACTION really FU. Anyway, nw i am in my 2nd pregancy and nw is in the 29th week. All they r concern is to find...
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    Dealing with In Laws

    hi rainypink, We did went back MIL place on CNY eve, after that didnt go as husband is buzi. I tried call MIL to chit chat bt her attitude is so bad, slam my ph. MIL never called so ... ...anyway, hus is saying will go back again 1 wkn. hope nothing SERIOUS will happen.
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    Who takes care of your baby?

    hi all, I am a FTWM and am a weekend mum.Yes, is true, my husband also think taking care of bb is ez & fun & wont be tired at all. so angry. sometime when i was feeling unwell, and fall asleep b4 he & bb, he will frame me as a irresponsible mum.
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    “What’s up with your daughter so nice meh so must take care of her…...” spoken by MIL

    Re: “What’s up with your daughter so nice meh so must take care of her…...” spoken by yes, mine also, when we first found out that i was pregnant, and i was constantly bleeding so need more care bt MIL say, u NO NEED go check up. Also told me is ' FATED ' to hv kids or not. Wah...
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    “What’s up with your daughter so nice meh so must take care of her…...” spoken by MIL

    Re: “What’s up with your daughter so nice meh so must take care of her…...” spoken by mine, PIL did volunteer to look after my bb before my bb born, bt 1st thing they asked...hw much u giving us? $1K? Hus gt so angry, he didnt bother to answer them. told them our bb will be under my mum's care...
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    do u put your baby in sarong to sleep?

    hi mummies, to me is all depends on our BBs...if they cant sleep well/long on COT, we gt to put them in SARONG. If we insist wat we read, we can go ahead unless u dun mind being disturbed while doing hsewrk or cooking. I give in the SARONG when my girl is abt 1mth old, she simply cant fall...
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    AWS anyone?

    for Yr 2008, lucky for me to join construction side during march, so by the time in dec i gt aws - thats my plan, bt i gt more, aws + bonus bt drain off as i gt to pay off my debts, at least, i am free frm debts & am happy i can do wat i like & buy wat i like. :)
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    Dealing with In Laws

    hi all, need some advise. I hv a problem....weeks ago, MIL had a HUGE argument with hus (i wasnt ard that time) and nw almost 3 wkn, hus keep insist that we dun go back to PIL place even during CNY we wont go back. the problem is that, hus work schedule is so busy that he gt to work on cny eve...
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    when did you give yr bb to eat rice???

    my girl, nw 14mths old, normally if we dun go out i will give her more porridge bt if happen to be out for shopping, for conveniences sake i give her rice, mixed with soup or far she is ok. thks god...she dun stick to one particular food.
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    Do you let your child kiss the dog

    my PIL is super keen to let my girl play, eat & sleep & behave like their DOGS...MIL even comments that i am so 'kia si'... Maybe because i dun hv dogs frm young so i dun like this idea esp if the dog's fur are falling off as they arent properly cleaned, feed. My PIL would often beat those...
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    CNY Ang Pow!

    for me, i start giving out red packet only last year, this yr i also keep a namelist of hw much i will be i dun anyhow give too much...hehe! me super CAT right? this yr i think i will give ouut $4 Red packet to those nt too close children/ppl. TIMES are Bad... we dun give...
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    Help~! my baby haven poopoo fer 4 days >_<

    Re: The IDee fashion jewelry ,accompany women’ life-long beauty. for me, my mil keep blaming me for nt training my girl every morning! to me i dun think is necessary, as long as our bb poo-poo regularly, all are ok for me, i insist my bb to hv more veggies & water everyday. As adults we dun...
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    Help~! my baby haven poopoo fer 4 days >_<

    hi, for me, i bought my girl to doc & they prescribe work really well. once my girl poo regularly, i stop the medication. It can be purchased frm guardine. it work for adults too, as i hv constipation prob so i took more dosage (according to instruction) and i hv the urge abt an...
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    so tired & moody

    thks....will try...
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    Pissed off with hub

    u r rite, if our hub side his mum too much, we will hate both of isnt is fair hub to side us? Eveything need balances...b it is hard.
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    Pissed off with hub

    hi autum82, thks. I had cool dw. :) WKN coming...i can see my bb. Same thing, gt to go bck Il place...juz go & be myself...keep quiet. hahaha!
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    Any Blogger Mom Here?

    Yummymummy, ur cakes are so nice...aiyaaa...i knw u too late. My girl 1st b'dae juz over. I was thinking to order a special cake for my girl & was searching high n low thru net for diaper cake then found 1 & ask for things bt nvr reply...nw i then found U bt... ...nvm, hope next yr i can...