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  1. iwan2noe

    How young to enrol your child for playgroup

    Hi Mummies & daddies, I am a 1st time mum and my gal is about 7 mths old. Pardon me if you find me too anxious(a.ka. Kiasu) I would like to find out how old was ur child when you enrol them in playgroup? Is it when theyn hit 1 yo or beyond.. Pls advise.. And I am staying in CCK area and...
  2. iwan2noe

    Breastfeeding Mummies

    Hi dear mummies, I am a mummy who is breastfeeding my baby. Though supplementing my gal with FM since she is 6.5 mths old, I am still concern of the quality of expressed milk I am producing for her. Does any one of u take any additional supplements? Like calcium & iron pills for ourself...
  3. iwan2noe

    Breastmilk - The best gifts for our little precious

    Dear mummies, For 1st time mummies breastfeeding their little precious, Kudos to all! However, as an inexperience 1st time mummy one may feel that breastfeeding is not an easy a task as it seems.. Some of us may feel like giving up as the tough times come..for the saying goes, as the going...
  4. iwan2noe

    Constipation in my 6 mths bb

    Hi mummies, My bb gal of 5 mths nearly 6 mths is not pooing for the past 1-2 wks. Brought to see the go twice n she only poo after a medication is being administered to her thru her anus. She was given a bottle of medicine to make her stool soft but she has nit been pooing. This haopens after...
  5. iwan2noe

    Square Bottled Ru Yee Oil

    Hi, I was told by my cl that the a/m is a better and milder ru yee oil suitable for nbs. Attached is a pic of it and it is of the same effectiveness as the usual round bottled version in the round cylindrical metal container that comes with it.. = )
  6. iwan2noe

    Breastmilk feed amount for bb

    Hi, my bb gal is 5 mths old n weighing around 7 kg at around 70 cm. She is on full Bm now without supplementing with fm. Is there a guide or maximum volume of milk she should drink ? She always seems not drinking enuff when she is drinking 120ml for each feed at every 2-2.5 hrs.. Pls advise...
  7. iwan2noe

    Female related health screening

    Dear mummies/daddies, I have given birth to my gal abt 5 mths ago n had done my pap smear after my follow up with my male Gynae. As I would like to do woman related screening, dun feel comfortable having my Gynae to check me. Am staying I the western part of sg and looking for a...
  8. iwan2noe

    Milk bottle teats issue

    Dear mummies, not sure if u face the same prob as I do. I'm using p*geon milk bottle n I usually sterilize it with the same brand if sterilizer. After some time, I realise the teat change from transparent to white. Is it normal. Btw, this bottle is their bpa free honey Coloured tinted...
  9. iwan2noe

    Lumps in breasts

    Dear mummies, I discovered I have some lumps in both nybreast thru a body healthcheck in oct 2007. I m advised that they're benige n was suggested to go for review 6 mths later but due to many reasons I didn't do so until the fact came tobauntme last wk. But because I'm still breastfeeding I...
  10. iwan2noe

    Gynae recommnedations for lumpy breasts

    Dear all, I'm looking for gd Gynae recommendation to consult in my lumpy breasts. Does anyone of u have any gd Gynae to intro to me(hopefully is a nice n helpful FEMALE Gynae if possible). Thanks so much:) hope to hear fr u all soon!!
  11. iwan2noe

    can baby on total breastmilk drink plain water?

    Hi mummies, Wondering if baby on total ebm can drink plain water? one of the tak is that if they drink water, they may not want to take milk. What is ur view or advices? Thanks!
  12. iwan2noe

    What can I do?advice needed

    Hi mummies, I noticed that there is a while bleh on my left nipple. It is like an area or 'spot' that is white and got 'pus'. Tried to 'sqeeze' out with my thumb and index finger and sometimes got very mild whiteish discharge. It has been like 3 wks. There is no pain or itch. Just keep seeing...
  13. iwan2noe

    Nursing room in sgh

    Hi mummies, anyone know if there's a nursing rm in sgh or where can mummy goes to pump milk or nurse their baby? Urgent, pls advise. Thanks alot:)!
  14. iwan2noe

    Breastfeeding mummy going oversea

    Hi mummies, I'm feeding my gal breast milk full time by expressing it & feeding it with milk bottles. However, I need to be overseas for a few days. I m wondering how I can do abt my breast as the most I can go without expressing the milk is 6-8 hrs afte which my breast will feel v full n needs...
  15. iwan2noe

    Dry n itchy breast

    Hi mummies, I expressed milk for my bb everyday. Over the time, my nipples experienced slight peeling n I feel my breast quite itchy. Any one of u experience the same thing? What's ur solution? Pls share:) thanks alot!
  16. iwan2noe

    How much is your baby feeding now?

    Hi dear mummies, I'm breastfeeding my gal exclusively n we r in our 2nd mth of breastfeeding. Here, I mean I am bottle feeding my gal with my ebm. Currently, she drinks ard 80-90ml n i notice that after every fee. She seems to want more. Is wondering if I'm giving her too little.. Can...
  17. iwan2noe

    Breastpads promotion

    Hi dear mummies, if u r using disposable breastpads, here an offerfrom kiddy palace. Tolljoy's disposable breastpads r sold at $7.50 for a box of 40pcs(+8free pcs) not promoting for kiddy palacce nor am i anyone from tollyjoy. Just wanna share good deals with all mummies here at mummysg...
  18. iwan2noe

    Expiry of breastpads

    Dear all, would like to check if there is any expiry date for breastpad? Is there, wats the consequences of using expired ones? What brand(s) of breastpads r u using n is gd? Thanks alot!
  19. iwan2noe

    Mixing of ebm

    Dear mummies, I've been expressing milk and storing it for bottle feeding my baby. However, sometimes the yield I got is less a glass bottle I used to store it(<90ml) my baby us taking around 90ml per feed & it'll last her around 2-3 hours. As I expressed milk, there tends to be at least...
  20. iwan2noe

    Can pai pai when doing confinement?

    Dear mummies, when we're doing confinement,we r 'dirty' in the sense that we can't bathe until at leat 1-2 wks later n also we just went thru labour. In such a case,can we offer prayers to our faith at the alter ? Is there anyone who can advise ? Thanks alot!