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    West Area - Looking For Babysitter at Jurong west St 81.

    Hi mummies, We currently looking for a babysitter to bbsit our 2mths old baby gal. Preferably those who stays at or near Jurong west St 81. Time: 7am-7pm (Mon - Fri) Start: Nov 2012 Please email me at or PM me. Thks.
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    Babysitter/Nanny @ AMK

    Hi, I'm a single mother. No ones can take care of DD while I'm at work. Looking for a nanny/babysitter who lives ard amk urgently. Needs nanny to take care of DD (2yrs old) for saturdays. 2pm - 3pm (Fetched her frm CC. I'll rush back home to fetch her from ur place) & 2pm - 9pm. Any...
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    Wanted : Rent a Master Bedroom @ East or amk area

    Family Nucleus: Wife Husband 2 year old daughter Rental Fees: $600 per mth for a yr Room: Master bedroom Area: Preferably East area / amk Please post or PM me. Thk u....
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    Mummies, need ur help if u galz gt any contacts ... I will be away frm 20th till 25th .... Need someone to take care of dear doter... Yes, I know it may be a short notice. But suddenly the one who'll be taking care of dear doter MIA..... Prefer someone who's a Full time hsewife ...
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    Birth Cert

    As a single mum, hw's the process of making birth cert for ur newborn? I've send an email to ICA but till nw no reply.. Plz advise.. thks..
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    Thallasemia Test

    Mummies & Daddies... Wanna ask, did ur HB need to go for thallasemia test?? At KK they ask him to go but at the point i wanna take blood test he was nt wit me so doc said he can go other days.. I ask doc is it impt for him to go, she said Yes, it is impt... I wonder if only KK gt tis procedure...
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    Am I immatured n unreasonable? Shld I ask him to pay?

    HB said nw he realise hw immatured I am.. hahaha... Nw he see my true colour after 2 yrs plus being it me.... but seriously I'm nt.. Yes, i may be immatured at times b4 preg but I consider tt as seeking for attention..:001_302:for e.g I'll told him nt to go to work cz i miz him.. hahaha.. May...
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    Hi all

    Hi all... I'm nt yet a mummy.. A single mom-to-be soon tis yr Sept.. & 1st time too... So kindly need ur advises.. Hehehe... Btw I'm 22 tis yr...:001_302: