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  1. autumn82

    Feeding Rice & Soup...

    Hi all mummies, I just started AGAIN (coz he didn't take it well the last time), feeding Iggy with rice & soup today. He took 1hr to finish the soup with 1/2 bowl of rice, carrots, shredded chicken & egg. He didn't reject it but he was awfully slow. Is it normal? I'm asking this coz I'm...
  2. autumn82

    14 mths+ Refusing Food Recently...

    Hi all, Iggy has been refusing to eat his porridge/rice/pasta/mee sua.. blahblahblah.. for about a week+. Seems like he's on a food strike.. :tlaugh: What should I do now? Stop all his semi solids & just solely on milk? Or still try and offer?
  3. autumn82

    Where to get indian costumes for kids..??

    Anyone knows where I can get indian tradition clothes for kids? I thought of letting Belle wear to school when they celebrate Deevapali next week... :p Erm, if little indian.. where abt.. :x LOL.
  4. autumn82

    How do you teach Mandarin??

    Hi all, How do you all start teaching your kids mandarin?? Belle is in K1 this year and her chinese :err::err::err: :001_302::001_302::001_302:. Just buy assessment books and let them practise? Read chinese storybooks *freak out*?! Do they need to learn Han Yu Pin Yin b4 entering primary...
  5. autumn82

    Interview for PV??

    Hi there, Any mummies/daddies went through interview for PV? What are the usual questions and what are they looking for?? :embarrassed:
  6. autumn82

    Sliced Sheng Yu Good For Daily Consumption??

    Hi mummies, I was wondering if Sheng Yu is good for babies/toddlers for daily consumption? I like that coz the fish is pretty boneless & smell free so I don't have to worry too much about Iggy swallowing bones.. But I've yet to heard ppl feeding babies/toddlers with Sheng Yu... So wanna make...
  7. autumn82

    How do you correct your child's handwriting?

    Hi all, I'm freaking out coz of my gal's handwriting and I was wondering if any mummies have any methods to correct their horrible handwriting??? :001_302::001_302::001_302: Besides practising writing daily, any other methods?? :embarrassed:
  8. autumn82

    Formula Milk Powder or Fresh Milk More Nutritious?

    Hi all, Recently, my gal has been trying out fresh milk and she loves it. All along she has been taking Enfakid then my mil commented that fresh milk not as nutritious as powder milk. So wanna know how many mummies stop milk powder for your kids when they turn 5yrs and above? For myself, I...
  9. autumn82

    Any good hip carriers to recommend??

    Hi there, I'm looking for a good hip carrier for Iggy coz he's gonna outgrow his bjorn. Any mommies or daddies can recommend? Is Maclaren's good?
  10. autumn82

    Disney Figurines For Bdae Cake?

    Hi all, Does anyone knows where to get those plastic Disney figurines for display on cakes? I'm trying to find for Iggy's bdae this July!? :tlaugh: Need Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto!!!! Any mommies or daddies have to sell or know where to get it?? :001_302:
  11. autumn82

    Anyone having kiddos studying in MaryMount Convent?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there is any parents here who have kiddos studying @ Marymount Convent now? How's the school doing? How would u rate it? Care to share alittle? :001_302::001_302:
  12. autumn82

    Is there really a need to use stocks to prepare babies food?

    Hi all, I'm not sure whether is it really necessary to use stocks to cook porridge for DS. Currently, I just use plain water to cook the porridge. When it is almost done, I'll add in the ingredients to cook and remove from stove to blend & feed. What's the reason behind using stocks to cook...
  13. autumn82

    Shld or Can Babies Start Taking Meat (Chicken/Pork) before 1 yr old?

    Hi all, I can't recall where I've read b4, not to give babies take meat such as chicken/pork before 1 yr old. How true is it? I know plenty of mums still do give. Be it just take the stock or puree the meat itself..?
  14. autumn82

    7mth old Feeding Schedule

    Hi all, I was wondering if I'm feeding DS enuff at his age.. His current feeding schedule as follows: 6.30am - 210ml milk 9.30am - 180ml milk 12.30pm - 180ml milk + 4 tablespoons of porridge (2 tablespoons of uncooked rice w one veg) 4.00pm - 180ml milk 7pm - 240ml milk I still have yet to...
  15. autumn82

    Tip of the Penis alittle swollen and red..

    Hi mummies, Any of yr babies encounter that? I realised this morn, the tip of DS penis is slightly swollen and red. Is it urine infection or wat? Been applying diaper cream generously since this morn, seems better now but still red. Need to see doc?
  16. autumn82

    What Activities Do U have Wif ur baby?

    Hi mummies, Was wondering what do u usually do with ur kids daily if u're the caregiver? What sort of activities do u play wif them? Or do u just leave the baby there to play by himself? Let them watch educational DVDs? Bring out for strolls? Have been wondering what other activities for me...
  17. autumn82

    How do u quit breastfeeding?

    Hi mommies~ Just wanna check out how do u all quit breastfeeding? I stopped bfing DS for almost 4mths oredi but I still have some milk that I've to hand expressed out daily. How do u all stop the supply?! :001_302:
  18. autumn82

    Potty Train

    Hi mummies, I was wondering if I need to get a potty just for boys or all potties r unisex? :tlaugh:Then if u're training a bb boy to pee.. Do u let them sit & face the penis downwards or stand and pee? :001_302::001_302::001_302:
  19. autumn82

    Pls Vote For Both My Kids.. :p

    Hi all~~ I forgotten I joined this contest! Pls pls~~ Vote for my kids.. :tlaugh: Closing date this coming Mon!! Eeks! Isabelle: MumCentre Singapore := Ignatius: MumCentre Singapore := Thank you very much~!!!
  20. autumn82

    March Hols Beach Gathering!!!

    Hi all mums/dads/DARLING :tlaugh:, Would u all be interested to bring ur kids to the beach for some Sun, Sand, Water fun during the March hols. We can also meet up and chit chat too~~ :tlaugh: