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  1. michelle

    Where can i have makeover for my gal for her k2 Ceremony

    Is decharactor... With the princess mag there are a form to take part and the charges is 68.. But now the princess mag have change to impact.. I think the price also $68.. but only few pcs of pic but they will snap more pic to let u choose.. Extra pic is around $10-12 per pcs... There are...
  2. michelle

    Where can i have makeover for my gal for her k2 Ceremony

    Hi, As my gal is going to have her perform for her k2 ceremony... I wanna to find stylist to help to make up and have some hair done for her.. Wanna to find those able to come to house or loc at east area... Thanks... Hope to send me a email to Thanks
  3. michelle

    OTO Trimax 808

    wow.. may you advise how regular??? but every 10-15min it will stop... pls advise.. wanna to get away my big tummy.....
  4. michelle

    Pocket Money

    Hi bingxue, May i know the requirement to apply for the $1 coupon??? As my gal will be primary one next year.......
  5. michelle

    single mums!

    Hi Sri... So sorry.. I really dun know abt it but just my thinking.. I felt that maybe that time i still underage which mean a teenager that y mum that follow in.. But i not sure whether those unmarried counted ma... Anyway i am once a single mum... I give birth my gal when i was 16 and i...
  6. michelle

    single mums!

    I give birth my gal at KKH when i was 16yrs... Nurse ask me whether i want my mum or ex.. But i want my mum so my mum went in with me... Wat i think is that maybe u are underage, the nurse might let the mum in??
  7. michelle


    Hi, now currently going to file for divorce... anyone who divorce before?? how u cope???
  8. michelle

    Interim custody & divorce

    Hi Sri, Wat type of court order?? Interim custody ma?? my lawyer help to do but take a long time... already 3week and they have not even file but only drafting my proposal....... My PPO now approve and i have to go down again...anyway yst i attand the court for the PPO.. He walk past me and...
  9. michelle

    Interim custody & divorce

    Hope my judge would be good.. and understanding...... Hi SRI.. ur sister dint hire lawyer ma?? maybe the guy side got hire ma?? Haiz.. hope my lawyer will help me win this case... hus do say dun wan me but want my son....... anyway sat he bring my son over becoz he say my son miss me...
  10. michelle

    Will you forgive him if he hits you?

    Yup.. I get beaten before.. not once but twice... and a few time that he threaten to beat me if i argue bk to him.. which make me cant speak for myself... After he beat me, he dint feel that he is wrong and dint even say sorry to me.. but end up, i just forgive him becoz i dun wanna to be a...
  11. michelle

    Interim custody & divorce

    I went up to his place before.. and he can just close the door which i have no choice too... Yup... i have store all his sms to me.. his insulting msg, his msg about asking me to find loan to pay his loan shark debt, msg abt him beating my dd if i say some more while i at work... and many...
  12. michelle

    Interim custody & divorce

    Hi, currently filing for the interim custody plus divorce... As my marriage will only be 3yrs after July 2008. Currently son with my husband which he dont allow me to see him at all... He is jobless, gambler,drinker, own loan shark plus abuse my gal which is step-daughter. HELP.. i need my...
  13. michelle

    Fake eyelashes

    Wow... u indeed a falsies collector le... power sia.. anyway u muz be a pro now le... keke... But if dun apply mascara, the falsies wont look natural ma?? as it can see that it is a falsies?? Able to get for me?? the one that you wear to work?? wanna to try it.. and need ur help too wor...
  14. michelle

    Louis Vuitton

    Wat will you do with ur old LV and gucci bag? If the strip abit fald after few year?? THROW or??
  15. michelle

    Let's motivate each other n SLIM down together!!!

    Aiko - U slim down le.. and only left 2-4kgs.. the doc will still let u tk the pill ma? so u now on single dose? XX - panbessy got 2type? the white pill mean medixal? wow.. 1st time consulation is really ex wor.. mine only $70 for 2pill... anyway xx can explain wat each of ur pill for? that...
  16. michelle

    Let's motivate each other n SLIM down together!!!

    wow.. double dosage only 2 white, 1 blue+transparent (30mg) & 1 red+transparent (15mg).. Is alot.. the red+transparent is duromine ma? I got mine at my company building the clinic there as go to buna vista is far for me.. I got panbessy and medixal.. mean eat panbessy in the morning and...
  17. michelle

    Citi clear card

    If over due, how much they will charge for $100? For advance cash withdraw and purchase type? Still not very sure......
  18. michelle

    Which size of handbag do you prefer, big or small ?

    How abt clubbing?? Big or small bag??
  19. michelle

    Wat u put on for make up??

    So which make up do u put 1st and then next? Anyway for the eye liner, draw until the end of the eye??