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    Elsie's kitchen catering

    Hi anyone tried the above catering before? Need some advise. Or any other catering which is halal that is good. Thank you.
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    Full Month Buffet

    Hi Pinkliciouz I would like to try Meihao99 too, have been ordering from Neo Garden & Orange Clove. Would like to check with u, how is the potion of Meihao99 like? Cos u invited 70+ ppl and u cater for how many guests? Hope to hear from u. Thanks.
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    Milk Storage Bag

    Hi All, My son is 2 weeks old now. I EBM and store in the milk storage bag and kept it in the fridge. My son drinks 100ml now, do I just put 100ml or I can fill up the bag full. I will only pour the 100ml for his feed and the balance for his next feed so that I can save cost. Need advise...
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    need recommendations on nappy rash cream

    Hi raranana, where can i purchase the cream? At pharmacy/watsons, they do sell?
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    Thomson hospital bill size?????

    Hi Tiggee, Did u paid for any admission fee/deposit before your delivery?
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    Maternity Leggings

    Hi, Can I know how much u bgt yr leggings at spring maternity?
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    Birthday cake from Smiling Orchid at Ghim Moh

    Hi, Any mummies order bdae cake from the above cake shop? Any comments? TIA
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    Birthday cake

    Thank u. I will give it a try.
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    Birthday cake

    Hi All, I am planning for a small celebration for my son 3rd birthday. Anyone can recommend on nice birthday cake to buy from cake shop? Has anyone tried cakes from emicakes?
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    Tingkat dinner

    Hi mummies, Any recommendation on tingkat dinner as I would like to order. Has called Kim's kitchen yesterday but they dun deliver to my area:( Want to try empire food tingkat, anyone have any feedback on this tingkat Co.? Thanks in adv. Regards, Serene
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    Hi Jennifer98, how much is their rate? i wanting to do the blinds for my 4rm flat.
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    Frosting for cake recipe

    Hi all, Any one have recipe for frosting for cake? Can I ask 1 of the ingredient is milk, which kind of milk shd i use? Need advise on the above. TIA
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    Ok thks Annie. wat do u give yr dd when u give her cheese? like add cheese into?
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    Ok thks. Meaning she rejected cereal n porridge and u gave her bread ar.. How much does she ate? half and without the outer skin?
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    Not realli know hw to chew. ok. me too, breakfast is either cereal or oats with fruits or veg and egg yolk. I only give my son, a pinch of my bread when i m having it.
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    Yep... i alreadi started giving my son cheese, you may wish to try it out too:)
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    Hi mummies, My ds coming to 9mths old, i actually give him cheese with pasta, would like to give cheese to spread the bread to let him hv it for breakfast. Can my son now eat bread? and which kind of bread to buy? Thanks inadvance:)
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    helo snowbear, ok sounds great to give tofu with mango as a dessert, shall try it:) ic, ur dd is allegic to it, i hv not try on my son so duno he will be allegic to it.
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    Ya i will think tofu has no taste too, so tis organic tofu has taste actually? den i gonna buy it tmr and give my son eat:) Meaning i can give tofu directly without any steaming??
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    Ok thks stonston, u mentioned to keep the tofu properly, issit better if i kept it in a airtight conditioner, how long can it last to kept in the fridge? Ok soy bean drink? sound to make it?