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    Random: 'bad' smells at work

    Hi mummies and mummies to be I have a small problem at work. My colleagues wears this particular perfume to work everyday. And because my nose gets really sensitive now, I cannot stand the smell. She sits rather near me so I can smell her perfume all the time. Any suggestions to what I can do...
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    traveling soon. worried. any advice?

    Hi mummies and mums to be I'll be traveling for work soon. Will be 14 weeks during the week of travel. Am rather worried and I don't want to put any harm on baby. Destination is to Europe. Does anyone here have a similar experience? Your advice or comment is much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Sippy Cup

    My bb is 12 mths old and still drinks water from the teat, rather than the spout. She knows how to suck from the spout. But after a while, she will cry and refuse to drink her water, even though she is thirsty. How can I help her? The logical transition is from spout to straw right?
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    Am I drying up?

    my bb used to use 20 mins to half hour to drink her milk (by latching), but now, she takes 5 to 10 mins. does it mean that i am not producing enough milk and therefore, she is using less time to finish her milk? also, after milk, she can still drink water, eat her biscuits or fruits. again, i...
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    EBM - Freezing Guidelines

    Hello Mummies Can I ask a stupid question? Is it ok to keep ebm in the fridge for 3 days, and then transfer to the freezer to freeze it? Will the ebm spoil? TIA.
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    Help! Going to travel without baby...

    Hi Mummies, I'm going for a work trip soon (1 week trip), and my bb is still on exclusive bm. She will be 8mths old during that time. I am thinking whether to stop bf-ing her before I leave, or to express while on the trip. of cos my preference will be the 2nd choice. But I have several...
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    Amt of EBM vs amt drunk when baby latch on

    Hi mummies, Is it possible for the amt of bm that you express out to be lesser than the amt that baby actually drinks when she latches on? Currently, I am back to work and trying to express bm for baby's feeds the next day. I realise that I am always unable to yield the amt that my baby...
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    My story to share

    My baby was born pre-mature and was very skinny and light. When she was 2 days old, she had jaundice and so, she was very lethargic. i had to struggle to keep her awake to feed during every feed. She would rather sleep than to drink milk. When i brought her for her review at 1 month old, her...
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    Underwired bra for breastfeeding mums..

    i know that mums who are breastfeeding are advised not to wear underwired bras, as it can cause blocked ducts... especially during the early months when milk supply is unstable. does this mean that as long as one is breastfeeding, she cannot wear underwired bras? if not, then when can start...