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  1. bellerichez

    I would like to know if there is any discount?

    Is there any discount during year end sales for Maclaren Tecnho XT or XLR 2009????
  2. bellerichez

    Little Brayden wants to see the world.

    Hi everybody, I'm back from the hospital already. I have given birth to a healthy baby boy on the 26 September 2009 @ TMC. My EDD was suppose to be on the 5th Oct 2009 but i guess my little prince can't wait to see the world. It took me 2 1/2 hour to pop this little boy out naturally without...
  3. bellerichez

    Pinkish Discharge

    I've notice that there is some pinkish discharge on the pantyliner today. Is that a sign of baby is coming out very soon? I'm really scared cos I'm left with only 12 days till my baby boy EDD. Is it normal to experience pinkish discharges weeks before giving birth?
  4. bellerichez

    How many piece of clothes a newborn wear a day???

    I would like to know how many piece of clothes a newborn need to change up to in a day?
  5. bellerichez

    Is it a must for Newborn?

    Just wanna check that is it a must for newborn to use pillow? Those pillow center got a hole one. Cos i don't know if i need to stock up pillows for my newborn? Some friends told me that newborn don't need to use pillow at all? If there's a need to use pillow, then which brand would you...