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    West Area - Looking For Looking for Baby Sitter - Bukit Batok Area

    Im looking for experienced Chinese Baby sitter around Bukit Batok Area to take care of my 3yr old boy. Timing is 1130am-7pm, Mon-Fri. Pls contact me at 91146464.
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    Do you allow your helper to talk to other helpers?

    Pls share what is your current practise. I know some pple allow, some pple dont allow.
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    Looking for good transfer maid

    Looking for good transfer maid. -Tk care of 2 yr old son -Housework chores -Have a small dog at home.(No need her to tk care of the dog) Pls ctc me at 91146464.
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    Looking for Nanny ard Bukit Batok area

    Im looking for experienced and reliable nanny ard bukit batok area. May contact me directly at 91146464. Tks.
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    Need nanny at bukit batok west 6/8

    Looking for nanny at bukit batok west 6/8 or nearby. Can CTC me at 91146464.
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    The OrangeTree Preschool.

    Anyone kids attending this presch at bukit panjang post office? Appreciate comments and reviews.
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    Any reviews on Baby Jumper Gym @ HomeTeam NS Bukit Batok.

    Appreciate feedback / reviews. :001_302:
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    Baby Laundry

    When can I stop using baby detergent?
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    Must steam?

    Do I need to steam pear and dragonfruits before giving to DS(7.5months old).
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    Nanny Vs Childcare

    Pls share ur views.
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    Interview Nanny

    Im heading to Nanny's place this Friday. What should I watch out for and whats the must question to asked.
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    Peg Perego P3 Vs Maclaren

    Like to have reviews (both good and bad) abt these 2 stroller.
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    Peg Perego P3 Vs Maclaren

    Like to have reviews(both good and bad) of these 2 strollers.
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    Loose Stools

    I intro Frisocream rice based cereal and Happy Bellies brown rice cereal to DS. Both make him have loose stools. He is okay with purees. Anyone have similar encounter?
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    Wedding Dinner

    We have a wedding dinner in september, DS will be 7++month by then. We are not sure whether we want to bring him there as his bed time is 830pm-9pm. Anyone bring baby to wedding before?
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    How much milk does your 6 months old baby drink

    DS usually drink 180ml of milk, yesterday he cried after finishing his milk so I make another 30ml for him. Tt make a total of 210ml of milk. Is he drinking too much?
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    Whats your feeding schedule like?

    DS just started cereal with PD given the green light. We only start like 1/3 of cereal for 1 feed + 120ml milk. DS feeding schedule: Morning: 180ml Milk Late AM / Early PM: 120ml milk + 1/3 cereal Late Afternoon: 180ml Milk Late Evening: 180ml Milk. PD say to slowly replace the 2nd feed...
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    Baby Hair Salon

    Any Baby Hair Salon in Orchard?