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  1. Queenbabe

    Looking for a P/T hourly helper in jurong

    Im looking for partime hourly helper in taman jurong area. Chinese & Sunday prefered as need to iron my ger uniform+ my hubby working attire for Monday. Might only starting after June, thanks alot.
  2. Queenbabe

    John T L Lim Clinic & Surgery

    Any1 went to this gynae before at jurong west? Dont know whether he deliver at Mt A anot and is he good :) ...
  3. Queenbabe

    Which school u from ?

    Hi Mummies , Singapore is a small country , im glad that i found this forum & get to know alot of nice friends here ... would like to know which school u all from & which year ? :001_302: Im from Jurong Primary School 1989-1994 Jurongville Secondary School 1995-1998 Sad to...
  4. Queenbabe

    Marie France Bodyline

    Anyone is member from Marie France Bodyline ? Wonder is it recommended for slimming down ? Thanks .
  5. Queenbabe

    How much it cost to change a surname ?

    Hi all , Would like to check with any remarry mummies , do u change ur ds or dd surname to ur current husband surname & how much does it cost ? I intend to change my dd surname to my current hubby surname and any lawyer firm that not charging so high to recommend ? Thanks in advance ..
  6. Queenbabe

    Is it ok to buy M'sia milk powder ?

    Hi all , Last 2 weeks i went to M'sia wif my family and get NAN HA 2 milk powder for ds from the supermarket there , after taking his poo start to be watery dark green/black colour . Wonder what is going wrong ? Ds is fine still can play and shout loudly , doesnt seem to be having diarroea...
  7. Queenbabe

    Any1 try Contraceptive pills b4 ?

    Hi , Any Mummies try contraceptive pills b4 ? Any Side effects ? How much it cost ? Any Mummies try but still get pregnant after that ? Pls Advice , Thanks !
  8. Queenbabe

    Need Recommendation for Gd CL

    Im helping my friend to look for a good CL , Any recommendation from any mummies but she dont 1 stay in CL . Thanks !
  9. Queenbabe

    So which hospital got the most vote?

    Dear all , i give birth at KKH for my 1st DD & 2nd DS . Never ever try those 'high class' hospital before. If i got 3rd chance i think i will try & stay 1 bedded hehe. So pls kindly vote the hospital u like most & roughly tell me how much is it, thanks alot !
  10. Queenbabe

    How to place kids bday like the others?

    Example i want to put this
  11. Queenbabe

    Any1 ever go to this PD at J.east b4?

    I just bring my DS to this doc , 1st time went there . Is near jurong entertainment name Alpha Baby & Child Specialists . Quite ex but ok since i use CDA nets card for payment. Any1 went there b4, is it good?
  12. Queenbabe

    Y there are so many so many unhappy marriage here & quite alot people marry young

    Hi , im new here . I have 2 kids , one DD 9yrs old n one DS 4 months. I get marry when i was 17 but divorce wif my ex hb when i was 21. Just remarried last yr now im 26. So may i know who get marry young here too & how many kids u have, kindly intro pls. Thks !
  13. Queenbabe

    Any1 got this problems?

    Im very angry wif my 4mths old DS , just few days ago he was sitting in the stroller & he drop his bean sprout pillow that i buy for him cost 20bucks. Today he drop his blanket again. I find it strange y i never notice that he drop anything. He really like to kick so much until kick those stuff...