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    Medela Freestyle

    2 breast pump and multiples milk bottles Selling at price 450.00
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    WTS:MamyPoko S Size 50pcs-2 pkts

    My baby cannot fit the diaper anymore. 2 pkts of Mamypoko S size 50pcs to let go - $13 per packet. Interested kindly sms 91775822
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    West Area - Looking For Baby sitter at Senja Road (urgently)

    I need baby sitter urgently at December 2012. My daughter is 2 months old. 7am to 7pm Prefer stay nearby my house. Kindly contact me 91775822 or
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    Looking for baby sitter at Senja Road

    Hi, I am currently looking for baby sitter stay nearby Senja Road, kindly PM me if you are interested....
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    How to take care HFMD toodles

    To all mummies, My son today diagnose and confirm have HFMD, anyone can share the experience how to take care the toddler... Currently I am pregnant 25weeks, a bit worry... My son always claim that the mouth is pain and always feel itchy... Heart pain but nothing I can do for him to reduce...
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    Keep crying in the middle of the night

    Hi all mummies My son is coming to 18 months and is the first time he keep crying when we told him is time to sleep and while he is wake up in the middle of the night. This situation is continue about 1 week. His lip and cheek got small red dot and throat got red spot as well. Lucky...
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    Bleeding while pass motion.

    Not sure is it the correct thread to post or not. Before pregnant I have no problem to passo motion and almost everyday I can cleary bowel. When confinemt period, the longest record I cannot pass motion is 1 week due to hard stool. Even now the problem still have not solve. Only...
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    Helps! Baby have a lot of 'pimples' ~

    Help! My son have a lot of 'pimples' on his chin and face. (Almst whole face include the forehead) Almost 1 month plus still haven subside. After feeding I always use boil water to clean the mouth. Notice some 脓 come out from 'pimpers' today Any mummies encounter the same thing...
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    Milk rash at whole face

    All mummies... My baby have a lot of rash cause by milk. We always use the wet cloth to clean his mouth and chin area after feeding. Now his face also have the rash.. What should I apply to revent? Can share?
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    Sooooo.... tired

    Today is a 5th day, hubby and I take care our baby. Is like the title, we are soo.... tired..! Tired because of my baby always crying... While sucking the pacifier, cry when the pacifier drop! Always cannot sleep deep, only sleep 20mins before next feeding. Try to let him sleep on...
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    Kindly share about your baby sleeping position

    Hi mummies Kindly share your baby sleep position.. Since my baby discharge from hospital, I let him sleep face up.. These few days I notice he keep crying for nothing, make me so worry. Try to let he sleep on tummy and notice he can sleep longer.. Please share..
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    Baby always sleeping while feeding....

    Mummies.... My baby always sleep while feeding, in the end always take more than 1 hr to finish 110ml. I pump out the breast milk and bottle feed him, but sometimes he cannot finish.. Can I keep the breastmilk until next feeding? If you baby really don't want to wake up no matter how you...
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    What are you doing after every feed?

    Hi all mummies, After feed my baby every 3 hrs, I change the diaper and let my baby sleep inside the baby cot. When he just discharge from hospital he will fall on sleep after I feed him but not sure what happen to him these few days.. His eyes open so big, will cry for pacifier and cannot...
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    Baby cry when change diaper

    Hi all mummies... My baby always cry when we change his diaper.. Is it normal? Because after change the diaper he will stop crying liao..
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    Baby Milk Intake

    Hi all mummies... Please share your experience about the baby milk intake~~ My baby is 9 days old.. His milk intake is 90ml, is it a lot? How you know when you need to increase the milk feeding? I increase the milk when I notice he wake up early than 3 hrs sleep. :Dancing_tongue:
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    Bsby Isaac finally decide to meet their parents..

    Hospital : Thomson Medical Centre Ward : 4 Bedded Romm (auto upgrade to 2 bedded room) Baby Weight : 3.115kg Baby Length : 50cm My labour story... 20.10.09 3am Wake up to pee and notice my stomach is pain, though is braxton hicks and just don't care. Wonder how come I cannot control my...
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    After massage....

    Hi, all mummies Just curious did you wide off the oil after the massage done by the massage lady. I hired the Indian lady to do the pre-natal massage for me and notice that is very oily for whole body. :nah: Can't imagine when that is post-natal massage is even worst... Dont't want whole...
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    Feel pain left of your tummy?

    Hi, any mummy encounter the problem when you sleep on your left side, feel very pain at the tummy. :embarrassed: This is the first time I encounter so uncomfortable while sleeping at night. Not sure is it because of streching of my tummy or because my kidney got problem. :err: So worry...
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    Can take flight at weeks 28?

    Hi all mummy, I need some advise!! I am planning to visit my brother at Kuching when I am about weeks 28. Anyone still take flight around that week? Need any letter from gynae? Kindly advise!! Thank you... :tlaugh:
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    TMC - Hospital/Maternity Bag

    Hi all mummy, my EDD is Oct'09 Delivery Hospital - Thomson Medical Centre. Please advise what thing need to prepare when admit to the hospital. Heard that a lot stuff is chargeble and due to my tied budget I hope to know more and can prepare by myself. :001_302: For Mother: For Baby: