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    EDD keeps shifting further away, to induce or not to induce?

    Every visit to gynae, my EDD will shift a few days further. Actual EDD is 20.01.2010. Then it moved to 26.01.2010, now it has moved to 28.01.2010. Gynae said that I can still choose to deliver on 20.01.2010, I'm assuming via induced labour. Me and hubby like the date 20.01.2010. Any mummies...
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    What to pack for Eash Shore hospital?

    Anyone gave birth at East Shore? What do they provide and what do they not provide? Any experience of your stay at ES to share? Thanks :tlaugh:
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    Can we colour our hair or have any hair treatments during pregnancy?

    Was thinking of getting a bit of colour and highlights. Is it safe while I'm pregnant?