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    Ads Mailers/flyers at your door/gate????

    Do you experience that? These flyers/mailers/whatever are being thrown at your door/gates. I simply hate it!!! Husband working overseas so ever since I was at my last stage of third trimester I moved to my mother's place. I am so sick of the numerous flyers that are placed all over my...
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    What brand/kind of Baby Carrier do u use?

    I'm using a Beco. Was comparing Beco with Bjorn before I decided. Yet to use it but tried on my almost 3 mths old daughter for a while yesterday, she seems to like it. But feels a little warm when using it. Ha. :) How about you?
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    Just want to let off some steam..

    husband is posted overseas for a year. conincidentially we found out that i was pregnant abt 3 months before he was due to travel. now at my 34 weeks.. i think my husband has become too paranoid abt me working too late. i guess it was also due to him not being around, he is afraid of my safety...
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    Goon Diapers

    Hi all I am going to order from GOO.N to prepare for the arrival for my little one. Anyone still ordering from them and want to earn the 'Refer a friend' points? *You will get 150 reward point (equivalent to $3 value) when your friend(s) place their first order. - abstracted from their...
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    travelling overseas with 5 month old..

    Hi anyone got experience travelling with 5 month old? Any experience to share when taking flight, things to prepare, etc... Husband is posted overseas and comtemplating to bring baby along for a short vacation to meet him. :) However, i would have to take the flight alone. Abt 3hrs flight...
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    Howdy all!

    Hi all! I'm a first time mother-to-be, 27 weeks in my pregnancy. :)