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  1. mrsmorgan

    CDA savings for enrichment lessons

    I just realized that not all enrichment centers accept payment using our child's CDA. Im looking for those parent-accompanied classes like Growing Up Gifted. Anyone knows of any centers which accept CDA? Thanks!
  2. mrsmorgan

    World cup romper

    Anyone knws where to get world cup romper for a 3mth old?
  3. mrsmorgan

    Which enrichment center would u recommend for a 6mth-old?

    Hope u mummies can help me on this.. im just confused over e different programmes.. gym, music, etc.. location-wise, i prefer west or central.. thks in advance!
  4. mrsmorgan

    Which enrichment ctr or infant care did ur child go to?

    Hope u mummies will share n giv reviews.. Im planning to enrol my son when he turns 6mths old so im starting to do some research.. I heard that for some centres we hav to book mths in advance to get a place there too so i guess must be kiasu a bit.. But of course, i'll bring him for a trial...
  5. mrsmorgan

    Little Neuro Tree

    Any mummies tried little neuro tree? Care to share their rates n schedule? Is it gd?
  6. mrsmorgan

    Kate spade shades

    Anyone knws where to get kate spade shades??
  7. mrsmorgan


    Mummies, at what age did u start sending ur babies for classes? Pls share ur experiences here.. I think it'll be beneficial for first-time mummies like me! Thks!
  8. mrsmorgan

    Good n useful buy

    Mummies, can help suggest somethin gd n useful which u bought for ur baby? My bestie wants to get my boy somethin but most of e things he has alr.. Like carrier, stroller n not to mention lots of clothes!
  9. mrsmorgan

    y does e milk keep coming back??

    ive stopped bf aft 2wks, took e meds to stop supply.. few days ltr breasts got engorged again so went back to gp.. had to take med again.. milk stopped for few days then this morn breasts felt full again! so i pumped out n felt better aft that but then aft i had a shower at 12 just now, milk...
  10. mrsmorgan

    My Bundle of Joy, Shaylan Vel..

    13 Apr, 2345: admitted to Mt. A to induce. Went to delivery suite n was strapped onto CTG monitor. Nurse inserted induce pill n shaved me down south. 14 Apr, 0115: nurse asked me to rest in ward as e pill will take some time before taking effect. told me she'll check in on me at 8am.. see if...
  11. mrsmorgan

    exclusively pumping mummies

    can i check with those of u who are exclusively feeding baby ebm, how is it like when u go out? i knw i hav to bring bottles of ebm but what happens when ur breasts start to feel full when u're out? need to bring pump too??
  12. mrsmorgan

    halal caterer

    can anyone recommend a halal caterer pls? thks!
  13. mrsmorgan


    dear experienced mummies, how useful is pethidine (e jab in e thigh) during labour? is it a gd pain relief option so that we can avoid using epidural? at hw many cm dilation will it be best to use pethidine? how long will e relief last? TIA!
  14. mrsmorgan

    kimage academy in funan

    anyone tried e services by e students there?
  15. mrsmorgan

    cant squat after delivery?

    hi mummies, this issue has been bugging me.. i'll be doing my confinemt at my mum's place n her toilet is those days squat type.. is it true that we cant squat aft delivery as it may affect e stitches?? :err:
  16. mrsmorgan

    thermometer for baby

    mummies, which thermometer would u recommend? can just get e normal one which is usually placed under armpit? or e forehead or ear one? n which brand is cheap n gd? TIA!
  17. mrsmorgan

    is this a sign??

    mummies help!! my boy has been really active today.. punching n kicking me till i myself feel tired n breathless! i thot now that im in my 35th week there shldnt be much space left for him to move so much?? or is this a sign that he's coming out soon?? :err:
  18. mrsmorgan

    TMC & Mt. A charges after 1st Jan 2010

    hi hope mummies who just delivered can help me n other mtb on this.. im now worried about e hospital bill cuz mt a raised their charges frm 1st jan n i found out frm 1 mummy who gave birth in feb, normal w/ epi, 2-bedded, total bill $4163, forked out cash $2k! last time mummies only forked out...
  19. mrsmorgan


    anyone tried angelpack or patapum or action baby carriers before? hope to get some reviews on it.. TIA!
  20. mrsmorgan

    Soft-structured Carriers

    hi mummies, hope u can help me with this.. where can i get soft-structured carriers like ergo n beco at a cheaper price? im gonna check out e taka bb fair n e other one at sg expo but nt sure if there'll be carriers on sale.. hmm