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  1. YuFFie

    so hurting

    Evil!! Emphasize that you are your baby's mother. To this stage, dun have to be tolerant over her liao! Geez, i probably bring baby into my room and close the door right after i reach home lo. Most imptly, must get husband's support
  2. YuFFie

    Help! I have pimplish back =(

    Hi there, I have the same problem. But it's on my face.. my back is already bad to begin with. The bumps on my face were so obvious that even foundation couldn't cover.... when you tried to squeeze it nothing comes out and then it left a mark there. I felt so hideous then... and try to avoid...
  3. YuFFie

    Birth of My First Baby - Sapphlyn

    Congratulations to your baby girl! Your big day sounded very exciting! =)
  4. YuFFie

    Baby's gender will affect mama's apperance?

    I am having a boy. And my skin was horrendous when i first got pregnant. I was really hideous!!! New_Mama, dun get stressed up k? Let nature takes its course. Healthy baby is what's impt!
  5. YuFFie

    Breastfeeding Vs Ginger Intake

    Just don't stock up any formula milk within the vicinity of your mom. My mom also not pro-bf, i just try to educate her as much as possible. Told her that i dun wan to quarrel during confinement, scare got post-natal blues. I asked her to let me try bf coz it's the way i wanna nurse my kid. She...
  6. YuFFie

    big baby

    My gynae also ask me not to worry. Still can go through natural birth. But how not to worry? Nowadays, during each appt, i would wan to know the head circumference. Haha.
  7. YuFFie

    Breastfeeding Vs Ginger Intake

    Hihi, what i learnt from my antenatal classes was that don't take ginger for the first ten days after birth coz that would be the peak of newborn jaundice if any. Coz of the immature liver, taking loads of ginger which would appear in your bm would make the baby's liver to work harder thus...
  8. YuFFie

    big baby

    My previous visit to gynae showed that my 25 week old has a head circumference of a 26week old leh. I'm pretty worried about my natural birth liao. I think those big heavy baby would do fine with correct head circumference? Anyone has a big head circumference baby?
  9. YuFFie

    Hear my story

    Dear shiseru, so sorry to hear your final decision. I'm sure god would bless you with another one soon. Meanwhile, pls take good care of yrself. Be strong. Your baby will understand your dilemma. *mega hugs*
  10. YuFFie

    Hear my story

    Shiseru, be strong. I totally feel for you. Hope it was just a mistake by the sonographer. *hugs*
  11. YuFFie

    Anti M.I.L. CLUBB - we all know wads tat :p (Includes anything that ends with I.L.)

    Re: MIL and me Gosh i may get that if my DH dare to complain! Goodness me!
  12. YuFFie

    Anti M.I.L. CLUBB - we all know wads tat :p (Includes anything that ends with I.L.)

    Re: MIL and me Snowbear, you are very very right! I was getting this way before marriage already! One day she exploded with her insinuation, so did I. I told her right on her face that i want a husband not a never-grown-up man. MILs alway think that their precious sons have to be taken care...
  13. YuFFie

    Anti M.I.L. CLUBB - we all know wads tat :p (Includes anything that ends with I.L.)

    Re: MIL and me =x Scary stories. I am still staying with my PILs but my house will come in 2 or 3 years time. Even before i got my house, she started saying things like wanna rent out her current house to earn rent and move in with us! I'm like !!!!! When will her son learn to grow up? I still...
  14. YuFFie


    Hi Triqueta, i tot you may try aromatherapy to calm yr nerves. You are getting anxious. Sometimes the more you want to sleep the harder you will get into. Aromatherpy like lavender or camomile can help you sleep better. Do deep breathing and count yr breath, i hope in no time u will be in dream...
  15. YuFFie

    Weight gain for 3rd trimester?

    Wow, how i wish i gained as little as you all. I'm 24 weeks and already gained 10kg! =(
  16. YuFFie

    Arrival of Tony's little Brother

  17. YuFFie


    Ting, i loved what you did! I will be in dilemma too if i'm taking the priority seat while another heavily preg woman board the train. I once gave up my seat for a preg lady with a toddler boy. She thanked me but once she sat down she saw my tummy. Think she was very thankful i gave up the seat...
  18. YuFFie

    Doggies Club - How you let you bb mingle with your doggies!

    It's really heartwarming to see such posts of your beloved dog and children. I have a miniature schnauzer too. She is a barkish dog who hates strangers in the house. I am doing my confinement at my mum's place which means one month of not seeing her or letting her interact with my baby. However...
  19. YuFFie

    ACNE problems lah!

    I didn't have acne but alot of bumps all over my face. It seemed to be under control now but my back become worse. Sigh...... Why dun you ask your gynae for advise?
  20. YuFFie

    EDD in November 2009

    Hi all, May i join you mummies-to-be for Nov babies? I'm 23 weeks tomorrow. Currently having a boy. Am seeing Dr J. Wong at ACJ Women's clinic with an EDD of 13 Nov 09. Will be delivering in Thomson Medical Center. Did my detailed scan and his head seemed to be bigger than the average at 60h...