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    Childcare Or Playgroup?

    I also think childcare is better than the playgroup. They take the full responsibility of the child and also they learn playing there.
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    Childcare centres around Sengkang

    I heard of these three- 1) Merry Kids Child Care 2)Summer Kids Child Care 3) Young Elite
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    Cheesecake (non bake)

    This is gonna make it perfect.
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    [[VIDEO]] Ticklish Laughing Baby - Singapore Version

    Ooo!!! He is so cute and really a laugh come to me seeing this.
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    How much TV is too much?

    I think one or two hours watching TV is enough for the kids as more that that when become habitual can harm their eyes and also the things they showing on TV these days can harm there mental development also they watch the things they shouldn't be watching. You should always keep your eyes what...
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    Baby Belling ovens

    Never used it but soon buying one..
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    First Family Trip!

    That is really great you and your family had a very great time there, specially kids gonna love it. Don't forget to take each and every thing your kids are habitual, especially for the little one. Take care and have fun.
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    Has anyone tried Babyplus Prenatal Education System before ?

    Whatever but you baby is really bright at only 2 months old he can understand you that's great.
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    EBM to give away

    This is very nice of you that you are having such wonderful give away it will help so many mothers...
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    Baby doesnt open mouth for solid

    May be she is not liking the taste of the food. You should try to change the flavor. Also some kids take time to eat solid food.
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    Make Herbal Teas

    Herbal tea is very beneficial for the health and also very effective in so many diseases. This is really good thing that we can make it at home.
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    WTS: Baby boy shoes

    Very good looking shoes...
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    Birthday Party

    This is really a very great website and have really great ideas in it. Little ones will love them.
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    Irritating in-laws - letting off steam

    I think you should avoid them. The much you will notice them they will make you irritate.There is a simple way to avoid them just say yes and OK every time they say something with a smile. When they will see that it is not bothering you they will stop doing that.
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    looking for a full or part time jobs

    Here visit this link....
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    Argument btw me and my husband family

    You don't need to worry about it at all. If you cut the hairs not they will come back and will be much better and thicker that the previous ones. And they will be in better color than now also.
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    How to remove baby's mucous?

    cotton buds is the good option and also will no make any harm with the baby.