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    Maternity cum Nursing pillow

    Hi, I have 1 new one to let go. Only took out once to try but in the end never use. Selling at $35(neg) Condition 10/10. Pls PM me or wassup 97856492.
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    Hiring stay home mums who can sew

    hi interested, can u email me more details to thanks!
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    arghhhhhhhhhhhh in laws ....

    i was ok with my PIL... but not after i give birth to my DD... i oso very pissed with them!.... here's my story... my mom come over to do my confinement for me...during my confinement stupid PIL EVERYDAY/NITE oso come over! then once my hubby or my mom open the hse door, them will chong to go...
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    'I'll die of pain without an epidural'

    i went thru labour w/o epidural just using the gas.... i dun exp alot of pain just towards the last hr when almost fully dilated my labour was a very short one... only ard 4 hr plus... quite unusual for a 1st time pregnancy.
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    Chicken pox

    i just had my chickenpox 2 wks ago... i continue to BF my ger during that period of time... it's important for u to keep BF-ing to keep her immunity up so that ur bb chances of getting chickenpox from u is greatly reduced (note, ur bb might still ger chickenpox)... as ur body will produce...
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    Any mummy to be encounter viginal bones pain @ week37??

    hi susant, i have that too ard 35 wks onwards... have checked with my gynae, he says it's normal cos the bb is pressing on it... just do more pelvic xercise, it's helps to relieve the pain abit after i did...
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    Hi everyone, thanks for your encouragements... I have applied a job way back in march which closed in late apr... they finally call me up for interview in june (so late cos they are having some difficult arranging the interviewers for the interview)... when i went for the interview, they knows...
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    EDD in AUG 2010

    just wondering if any of the mummies here have alr popped? a few alr popped in the aug 2010 sgmotherhood forum...
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    hi Pat, thanks for your offer. for bb stuff i alr have all the necessary items... actually now i'm more concern about getting a job or some sort of income..
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    hi kinberuri, thanks for your encouragement... i have just added u in my facebook.... however, if anything personnel, pls dun not post at my facebook comments/post... cos would like some privacy there... thanks... tq for the contact, is he a job agent?
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    hi lynnie85, can u pm me and tell me more about the teleconsultant cum PA position? thanks!
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    stonston, hmm i tot need the childcare cert, etc... jojo, thanks for the encouragement.
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    those telemarketers for agents the timing is abit off for me... i would prefer those office hrs... the PT teachers i tink need experience one if i'm not wrong...
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    stonston, yes we have cut down alot alr... i saw those adv too, but most are those MLM... I just PM u...
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    nope, my resume did not mention any pay...
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    i have been doing that thru agency.... they ask me to send them my resume, after i did, there is no more reply from them... =(
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    MOM is not helping... i did call them up & told them.. but they say as i'm not in my 3mth at the point of notification, there is no case.... with them since the company have given my 1 month notice... so much on the government promoting childbirth!
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    thanks all for your encouragements.... yes i do have alot of financial burdens, was able to cope when i have stable income then... for bb clothes and stuff i have passed downs from my sister & SIL, so this r not so much of a concern....and oso i haven been buy stuffs since the sudden loss of...
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    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    Hi all, I have been feeling very down tis week... had beed crying almost everyday since tues... I was retrenched in Feb after my ex-company founds out that i'm pregnant, but i'm not able to get any compensation/maternity pay due to i was 1 week short from my 3mth. Till now i have been...
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    SAHM typing job

    hi, wat is the pay like?