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    Baby Snacks

    How old was your baby when you give snacks to them (eg teething biscuits)? I bought some Pigeon Baby snacks for 6 and 7 months babies, but only read the content after buying and realised there is salt in it! Now thinking should i allow my 8 mth old boy to eat them!
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    Photo Collage Website?

    Hi Hi, any mummies know which website have such functions? I saw some blogs and Facebook, they post their photos in very nice collage template. I want to do it for my baby's photos too!
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    Type of swimming floats?

    Hi mummies, what type of float do you use for babies? We use a neck float when i bought my 7 mth old baby to swim. We kind of know the lifeguard there and he told us he feel that neck float is not good for the baby! He did not say why... We wanted to buy those Sit-In float but the SA told us...
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    Normally sleep thru the night, NOW start to wake up!

    My boy has been sleeping thru the night since 3 mths old (ie sleep at 8+ in the night till 5 to 6 am). But now at ard 6 mth, he is starting to wake up every 3 to 4 hours! OMG! Sometime he will play by himself but most of the time he will make noise and demand attention. I will then make milk for...
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    Cough, how serious/often then must see Doc?

    My 5 mth old boy has been coughing for the past 2 weeks. But I am not sure if the coughing is due to chocking on saliva or what? How do i knw if is real cough? I did ask PD to check when i brought him for injection but PD say there is no phelgm. But his cough sound more like a dry cough to me...
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    What shld i do??

    My 5 mths boy has been with nanny for 1 mth +. This morning when my hubby brought him to nanny place, the nanny hse gate n wall was splashed by paint!! The nanny suspect is her tenant (coz no1 else) borrow frm loanshark etc.... My silly hubby still left BB there and went to wrk. Until he call...
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    Leaving BB with nanny

    Hi Hi, mummies, i m returning to wrk next mth and found a babysitter. Intend to let my boy go to the nanny few days b4 i start work so he will be farmiliar with the house & auntie. But shld i stay there and accompany him or just leave straight with the nanny on the 1st day? Abit dun bear to...
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    Where do you buy Formula Milk from?

    Hi mummies, can you share where you buy ur BB milk powder from? I usually buy from Ang Mo supermarket coz is near my house but my mum n aunt keep saying can only buy from NTUC coz their quality control much stricter. They say supermarket like Ang Mo & Sheng Siong products are from Malaysia...
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    Chinese 7th mth: DO you all bring your BB out?

    Hi Hi, does any mummies bring their BB out during the Chinese 7th mth? Anything to take note during this month regarding BB?
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    Looking for nanny in Bishan area

    Hi Hi, i m lookin for nanny in Bishan area, do PM me if u have any contacts. THANKS!
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    Adeline Wong Pik You - Tmc

    Anyone which this PD, is she good?
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    Urine Tract Infection

    My 1mth old boy was having fever yesterday, brought him to PD and PD advised him to be warded. Intital test show he having Urine Tract Infection, need to be warded at least 5 days. I m so sad, keep crying.... My heart ache when i see the drip for antibotics on his little arm!