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  1. yaz

    Reviews on 8-in-1 Baby Kangaroo Trikes please..

    Hi mommies, Anyone has this? I saw it in the Toysrus Spore website... But not much details on it. Would appreciate some feedback&comments. Thanks
  2. yaz

    Buggster stroller review & comments PLEASE!!

    Ladies... I really need your help.. Can i have comments & reviews on the Buggster? Its not sold in Kuala Lumpur so i dont have any idea how's the stroller is like. Im considering of buying either the Quinny Zapp.Titanium baby or the Buggster. As my sister who is in London is coming back for...
  3. yaz

    Titanium Baby Breeze stroller

    Has anyone heard of the Titanium Baby Breeze stroller? It's suppose to be very similar to the Quinny Zapp. Easy to handle,light (6kg same as Zapp),fold simpler than Zapp,compartable with the Maxi-Cosi baby carrier & it RECLINES!!!! Titanium Baby - Buggy - Breeze If there's anyone has the...
  4. yaz

    Probiotics for babies

    Any mummies gives their babies probiotic?
  5. yaz

    Need advice;Quinny Zapp Music Mosaic?

    HI! Need your oppinion on the Quinny Zapp special edition Music Mosaic. What do you think of it?Are the colours too bright/strong? Would you consider to buy it if you are in my place? And how about the 2009 Quinny Zapp IRON? Im thinking of either to buy the Quinny Zapp Music Mosaic or...
  6. yaz

    Quinny 2009 and Quinny 2008?

    Quinny Zapp 2009 and Quinny Zapp 2008? Hi Does anyone knows the difference between the Quinny Zapp 2009 and the Quinny zapp 2008? (Oopps sorry..wrong forum.Can't delete the thread.) But your answers are highly appreciated. Thanks
  7. yaz

    Online babyshops thet gives FREE shipping delivery worldwide

    Hi! Would like to inquire if anybody knows which online babystores that gives free shipping worldwide? Right now, is giving free delivery for Cameleon. I'm interested in buying a Quinny zapp. (again..sorry for putting this thread in a wrong forum) Thanks