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    common discomfort during confinement

    hi mummies, i'm experiencing some discomfort that never occur to me before when i delivered my 1st child, so would like to know if the below are common: delivered my 2nd baby on 11th, and today i'm feeling feverish and throat feels sore. think i'm heaty but gotta keep eating those confinement...
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    breastfeeding and mestruation questions

    hi mommies.. i have few questions to ask: -since your menses resume has it been regular?? -if above answer is No, was your menses before pregnancy regular?? -when does your menses resume and how often did it come?? i have my menses since my baby turns 10months old.. i had 2 cycle...
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    trying for #2???

    i've been ttc #2 for the past 5 months. i'm still breastfeeding and my period just came last month since i gave birth. eager to have 2nd one soon so my son has a sibling to play with. any mummy in the same boat as me???
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    breasfeeding in pain! please help

    Hi mommies, since my boy grew his 2 upper teeth breatfeeding him is super painful. He didn't bite but somehow his teeth keeps rubbing my upper areola and it bleeds. The wound would not heal easily and my boy is very dependant on my breast especially to sleep. Have tried putting plaster and using...
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    have your menses resume??

    hi all breastfeeding mommies.. have your menses resume?? if yes during which month??
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    baby first tooth

    hi mommies.. exactly when does your baby's first tooth emerged?? my boy tooth not showing yet and my mom commented that babies should get their first tooth around 4.5-6months.. a little worried here.. please share. thanks
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    baby gags at everything

    hi mommies.. my boy gags/wanna vomit at everything i put in his mouth except for warm water or breast milk.. is this normal?? so far he's eating cereal and porridge well but at the starting 1-3 spoon he always gags, and when i let him try other food he always gags too.. my mom accused me of...
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    How to stop comfort sucking?

    i'm not sure is my boy is really hungry at night or just suckling for comfort. in the day he breastfeed very often(a lil too often, that's what many say). he fed every 1-1.5hr. at night he sleeps from 9pm to 9am next day, but he still looks for my breast in every 1.5-2hours.. unless it's a day...
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    baby walker question

    hi all.. from how many months can baby use walker?? can advise me where to get baby walker at best price?? not looking at high end brands.. don't mind lucky baby or mamalove brands.. thanks
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    introducing milk bottle and ebm to baby

    for those mommies who fully latch on baby before going back to work, how do you introduce bottle and ebm to your baby?? which brand of bottle are you using?? i've been trying hard to introduce my boy with ebm but no sucess, he ONLY wants to latch on. actually until 6weeks old my boy took 1...
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    ingrown toenail

    mommies, has any of your baby had ingrown toenail?? my boy big toenail seems infected and i can see abit of puss. i brought him to my GP already but he said he's too young to have any antibiotic cream so he advise me to just clean in with boiled water daily. it's been 3 days since we visited the...
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    Question on Breastfeeding my 2mth old boy

    hi mommies, need your advise: 1. my boy only feed 10-12min for the past 2weeks compared to 25-45min before.. is this normal?? 2. my boy get 1 feed of formula once at 3am(hubby's duty) however he's starting to reject the bottle, he spits and refuse to suck. i tried giving EBM but breastmilk...
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    baby skin folds

    hi mommies, my boy neck fold and armpit is always reddish, i have applied soothing cream from doctor but it doesn't work. i use powder in the end which helps but i do know powder is bad when babies inhale them.. any other solution to prevent this??? thanks
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    30 or 40 days of confinement?

    hello mommies, did you go thru 30 or 40 days?? i think the more common one is 30 right?? i really hate the confinement food(the alcohol, vinegar etc.. YUCKS!).. she kept forcing me to eat every 2-3hours too, i said i'm full but she kept scolding me saying 'you trying to go on diet ah!?' my mom...
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    Growth spurt causes baby to be hungry all the time??

    hi mommies, my baby might be going thru growth spurt.. he seems hungry all the time and more fussy too for the past 2 days. he wanted to be fed every 1-1.5hour. i feel so so tired and yet he's still making noise. but last night hubby gave him formula after i breastfed him and finally after the...
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    do you swaddle your baby??

    mommies, do you still wrap/swaddle your baby after discharged from hospital?? until when you swaddle them?? thanks
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    Anyone go out during confinement and stay in air con room??

    hi mommies.. cos my mom not always around so i gotta go supermarket to buy groceries, and i've been bringing baby to polyclinic for jaundice check myself with hubby cos no help from my mother or in law.. just wondering if it's ok to go out almost everyday for about 2-3hours?? also do you...
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    Do newborn need regular health check up??

    hi mommies, i was just wondering if my boy need a regular/monthly check up on his growth and development?? i already have a pediatrician in mind.. or we just bring him if he's sick or have some problems?? thanks
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    Can i clean newborn nose and ear??

    my baby seems to have dirt in the nose cos when he breathe can hear 'whezzing' sound.. how to clean it?? or can i clean it with cotton buds??
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    baby choking/coughing during breastfeeding

    hi mommies, my baby choke and cough a few times during breastfeeding.. will he be ok?? im afraid the milk go into his lungs.. or am i feeding him the wrong way??