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    West Area - Looking For Looking for Baby Sitter - Bukit Batok Area

    Im looking for experienced Chinese Baby sitter around Bukit Batok Area to take care of my 3yr old boy. Timing is 1130am-7pm, Mon-Fri. Pls contact me at 91146464.
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    How to cope with new indo domestic helper?

    For me I give my indo helper a schedule n she follow closely. As long as my son is well taken care of the rest like housework, I close 1 eye. If ur helper is good she will find ways to bond with ur son. It tk times for them to bond. I have CCTV at home to monitor. I expressed my expectation and...
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    Do you allow your helper to talk to other helpers?

    Pls share what is your current practise. I know some pple allow, some pple dont allow.
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    Where to get a good maid

    A gd agent don't guarantee u a gd helper. U need some luck for getting a gd one. On top of tt how u manage the helper is impt. I'm a strict employer but I treat my helper well. When my helper called home she tell her mother her employer is very good. I'm very lucky first time employing, I...
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    Mandatory weekly rest days for foreign maids

    This is a very unfair law toward employer.....
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    Successful story for curing bronchitis/asthma completely

    Actually Im more pro to TCM, cos Im a victim of western medicine. My boy was abt 20 months old. I suggest for a start you may want to see Guo Mei Ling sensei. She is really very good. For me now is that I give my boy tonic. I do a lot of study in the tonic. If you are unclear I suggest u see a...
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    Successful story for curing bronchitis/asthma completely

    My boy contracted bronchitis and I removed him from child care after that. At first he took western med and I slowly switch on TCM. I used to see Guo Sensei. She is very good, she really knows what is the root cause of my son's problem. After finishing both TCM and western med, I put my son...
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    Successful story for curing bronchitis/asthma completely

    I second Guo Sensei. My boy also recovered after seeing him. She is very good.
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    Employing maid

    My first babysitter took care of my son for 1 yr but unfortunately due to injury she couldnt care for son. She is a good babysitter. We then send our boy to childcare afterwhich he contracted bronchitis and due to health complications PD advised us to withdraw him. Then we found another...
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    Looking for good transfer maid

    Looking for good transfer maid. -Tk care of 2 yr old son -Housework chores -Have a small dog at home.(No need her to tk care of the dog) Pls ctc me at 91146464.
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    Looking for Nanny ard Bukit Batok area

    Im urgently looking for babysitter. Pls call me at 91146464.
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    Looking for Nanny ard Bukit Batok area

    Im looking for experienced and reliable nanny ard bukit batok area. May contact me directly at 91146464. Tks.
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    Need nanny at bukit batok west 6/8

    Looking for nanny at bukit batok west 6/8 or nearby. Can CTC me at 91146464.
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    Useless Ex Hubby

    She can apply for protection orders for both herself and her kids.
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    Bukit Gombak (babies classes)

    Hi can you advise more details of the classes.
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    Yellowish palm & feet?

    Same thing happened to my son. It's becos we gave him too much food tt are rich in beta carotene. U just need to cut down the intake of food(eg: papaya, pumpking, carrot, spinach, broccoli, red dates and wolfberry) that are rich in beta carotene. It will go away in a couple of months.
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    The OrangeTree Preschool.

    Anyone kids attending this presch at bukit panjang post office? Appreciate comments and reviews.
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    first day at infant care center

    Maybe u can look for other infant care. This is wat happened to my niece, her voice is hoarse from rounds of crying in infant care.