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    Need To Rant

    Does anyone on here have bad (and by bad i mean horribly bad) experience working with inconsiderate bosses ? (By inconsiderate i mean ABSOLUTE A##HOLES) that are unreasonable and often overwork you ?
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    green poo?

    My baby is on fm and i just noticed her usual yellow poo has some tint of green in it. Whats wrong???? She's 10wks old
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    sponge cake

    50g Flour 50g Castor Sugar 2 eggs Preheat oven to 180°C Blend sugar and eggs till almost white, about 7-10 minutes. Sift flour Fold in flour mixture to egg mixture. Be gentle so as to not break the air bubbles . Put mixture into oven and bake for 20-30 minutes (I chose 20) afterwards...
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    Young mummies ! (again lol )

    Any young mums out here? Just wanna find people to chat with. HEHEHAHA :001_302:
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    Sharp Healsio Oven

    Hello mummies. I got a sharp healsio oven but dont really know how to use it.. I know it's supposed to make cooking "healthier" by using water and natural oils or whatever. But cakes that i bake turn out to be very, very VERY dry. Help ? :( i dont have this problem baking in the school ovens .
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    nursing rooms?

    Anyone knows of any shopping malls w/ nursing rms? I only know Liang Court has one, B1 same lvl as Meidi-Ya supermart. :}
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    how many children?

    Hi mummies, how many kids do you want? i want 3, bf also want 3. his mum (theyre malays) want 5 mum says to stop at 2. how many do you gals want? I'll try for my second one in 4 years, after I'm at a legal age to get married lulllll :p
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    how do you know if you have post natal blues?

    Title says it all. Have been crying almost every night on the 3rd and 4th week. Npw at the 5th week i still cry but not everyday. Crying hapens anywhere at any time. I feel lousy =___=
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    Young mummies?

    Hi, was just wondering if they're any young mums out here? I don't know if.I'm alone in this but when i go out, people tend to stare and whisper and all. I don't mind but i once heard this woman say i cant take care of my baby :mad: I may be young but I can take care of her >:[ any other mums...
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    So I've been using the concealer from ZA . Not to hide any blemishes, just my eyebags :mad: haha. Any good concealers to recommend? ZA is good, just wanna see if there's something better :p
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    diaper rash creams?

    Hi mummies . What creams are you using to treat bby's diaper rash n where can I get it? I'm using this one called Drapolene or something. It's pink in color. Personally I don't find that it's working ):
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    scary MIL? idk

    So my boyfriend and I are planning on getting married. Although we haven't fixed a date both our parents have given their approval. So I've been going over to his house with my 4 week old baby ( like, his house in the afternoons, mine at night because no one is at home to take care of me lol)...
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    Is a temperature of 37.1•C considered as having a fever? Bub won't sleep and she's fidgety so I took her temperature and got quite a shock to see this :/
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    fast food during confinement ?

    Title says it all hahaha :p
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    Expressing bm?

    So I'm going back to school next month and bby will be in the care of grandma. I know its advisable to give ebm but mum is worried I dont have time to express it out. Is it ok to give formula or.,.?
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    Does any mummy here feel giddy whenever they leave the bed to walk around the house? I always feel light headed and sometimes my legs get pins and needles. Mum say it's due to low blood :o is this normal? >.>
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    how to increase bm supply?

    Title says It all. Do I have to really drink milk to increase it? I'm lactose intolerant, and can only drink Lactaid or HL. Help ? :o
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    Does anyone else's baby sound like she has phlegm in her throat? I think my bb cry too much, now when she strains herself her cries either 1) goes very high pitch and cracks (think of it as a guy trying to sing opera and his voice cracks lol) or 2) it sounds very hoarse. Worst is 3) where no...
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    How long do you bf?

    What's the duration of each bf? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions heehee :p my mum makes me stop at 10minutes cuz bb used to throw up (not anymore) I realized that if I stop she'll cry and start rooting. If I don't stop she can drink for as long as 30minutes. Is this normal ? :O
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    Showering? :p

    I couldn't take it anymore so I had a nice long bath today. Other days I basically just clean myself w a damp washcloth -____- so sticky and smelly ugh. Mummies do you shower during confinement? Hehehe I scared later old got all the body aches and stuff my grandma cursed me with when I wouldn't...