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    WTS : Car Seat + Booster Seat just $50

    Hi there, I would like to sell my car seat which my daughter has been using since 3 years old. She just turned 7, a little tall to fit in the seat. This seat is 3 years old to be honest but it is in very good condition. We only use it once a week when we go out. If you take out the back...
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    3 year old boy keep coughing in the night and early morning

    My daughter got bronchitis around that age and it was a nightmare. I went to KKH like every fortnightly for the inhaler and finally was issued one to use at home. Our private PD issued us lung tonic for her. It took her sometime to get stronger, you may want to ask your PD to prescribe. I forgot...
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    Scotts Original Fish Oil

    Hello, Try flavoured one, Nordic Naturals, Children's DHA, Strawberry, 4 fl oz (119 ml) -
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    Baby Bronchitis

    My daughter has recovered from bronchitis 3 years ago. I thought I should penned down and in case, anyone is distress just like I was many years ago. Her bronchitis started <1 year old and it got worsened when she hit 3 years old. I went bongos to be visiting KKH every week. EVERY Week Room 9 I...
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    Wts: IPHONE 4

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    do NOT go to this pd:*Dr KT Low from Anson PD & Child Development Clinic

    My daughter was assigned to dr low. I don't want to repeat my series of incidents but I must agree he is too casual with his diagnosis. Maybe his rates are cheaper and a lot of people are going to see him. A couple of major incidents had me stopped going to him which I reegretted I should have...
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    KK Hospital Admission Concern

    My daughter was admitted twice and I chose to stay ward A without hesitation. KKH in my opinion still operates like a structured hospital. Only at A ward, the doctors are at least head of department or specialist on rotation shift. There are lesser student nurses doctors whom have no idea how...
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    One month old baby give out black poo

    Black poo doesn't sound right. Hope you brought baby to PD already :)
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    Baby tends to turn right side

    A little stiffer means baby may have torticolis. It can be cured with regular and safe exercises. My dd quite serious but we cured her :) you can read my earlier posts. when baby is sleeping tilt to the other side. Try to ask baby to turn the other side by sitting on that side.. This is one of...
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    Wts: IPHONE 4

    Hi there, i upgraded to Samsung so wanted to sell my iPhone. I still have the box and USB for battery charger. trade in value is $200 so I'm selling $180. Working condition, I probably used it for 1.5 to 2 years.. Self collect at woodlands or Robinson road. Email me at
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    17 months and start to dislike eating rice..

    .. I'm with you. My daughter does not take until now. 4 years old. For about 1 yr she is on bee hoon. Then we upgrade to brown rice bee hoon then tried to change to macroni. Recently she is ok w rice porridge. But we added a trick... a small piece of her favourite yoghurt biscuit. It's not good...
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    Madela Breast pump - Pump in style - $80/-

    sold. Item has been sold....
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    Graco Lite Stroller at $50/-

    sold-thank you. Close thread.
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    Madela Breast pump - Pump in style - $80/-

    email me at if you are interested My most reliable and important 'asset' when my daughter was being breastfed. I pumped at 14 months. Bought this in the states and the adaptor is a brand new one to include. Thanks.
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    Graco Lite Stroller at $50/-

    Email me at for any interested buyers. Pick up at either Tg Pagar or Woodlands Selling at $50/- Used this for fetching my daughter to injections when she was young. it sits in my car boot most of the time so im selling it away. I maintain it very well. the maid used to wipe...
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    4months old lost of appetite

    yes... teething.. try to stop her fm putting hands into month. will fall sick .
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    2mth+ bb sick and poo little

    on breast milk or formula? if breast milk, feed more frequent. if formula add a little more water.. is ur bb adapting well to d FM? Some mummies said there bb stop coughing after they switch milk. just a tot to share w u.
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    2mth+ bb sick and poo little

    active s a very good sign :). what did doc say? time being dun go out. adjust d air; switch to fan at home. use boiling water to pour over her covers before washing.. when adults when u not feeling well , u poo little and feel bloated...
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    2 year old with eczema and dry skin

    I read lactoGG good for eczema ?
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    Lung infection or Bronchiolitis

    where can I get lacto GG?